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What Is HOA Insurance and What Does It Cover?

As an HOA member, you’re required to pay dues or fees to join the community. That said, it’s important to know where your money goes. Part of the reason you pay dues is to cover HOA insurance. But what does that mean, exactly? Today, we’ll discuss HOA insurance, what it covers, and whether or not […]

How to Analyze Short-Term Rental Market Potential

The short-term rental market is growing stronger and stronger as time goes on. Short-term rental properties have gained significant popularity among renters and landlords, as they’re more convenient for travelers and profitable for investors. However, does that make it a sound investment strategy for you? Well, it depends on several different factors. In the following […]

How Do Landlords Declare Rental Property Income?

Rental property owners have a significant responsibility when tax time comes around. After all, landlords are responsible for reporting rental property income on their tax returns each year. While filing taxes, rental owners must declare all payments they receive as rental property income. Then, investors can deduct qualifying expenses from the total revenue. If you’re […]

Rental Application Mistakes for Landlords to Avoid


The initial rental application is one of the most important forms for landlords and tenants. However, knowing what to include on the application and knowing how to evaluate each applicant’s information is a crucial step in the process. Today, we’ll go over the importance of the rental application process and rental application mistakes for landlords […]

Understanding the Impact of Credit Scores on Rental Applications

Landlords or property managers run various checks on prospective renters during the tenant screening process. Aside from speaking to references and performing background checks, analyzing a tenant’s credit report is important. After all, a credit check can reveal a prospective tenant’s likelihood to pay rent on time each month. However, a good credit score doesn’t […]

How to Handle Property Damage Caused by Tenants


Owning rental properties can be a highly lucrative and profitable business. However, finding tenants that will keep your properties in good condition and free of damage is important. Part of preventing significant property damage is conducting a thorough tenant screening. But that doesn’t stop all property damage caused by tenants. In today’s article, we’ll go […]

Should You Allow Pets in Your Rental? A Guide for Landlords


At Bay Property Management Group, we often get questions from our clients asking for advice about pet policy. For example, should you allow pets in your rental property? There are both pros and cons of allowing pets on your income property, and we are here today to help you make a more informed decision. So, read […]

Why You Should Consider Real Estate Investing in Your 20s

Investing in real estate has several great benefits. However, most people don’t consider investing until they’re well into their life-long careers. But what happens if you start investing in your 20s? The benefits are pretty significant. So, if you want to learn how to start investing in real estate in your 20s, read along as […]

The Importance of a Good Credit Score While Renting


Credit scores are important for many aspects of life–even renting a home. For instance, when you apply for a rental home, your landlord may pull your credit as part of the screening process. After all, your credit history shows how you’ve managed money in the past and can indicate whether you might be a responsible […]

Philadelphia’s Newest Development Projects to Watch for in 2023


This year will be exciting and opportunistic for new development projects in Philadelphia. The past few years presented several economic challenges, slowing down progress on many construction projects. However, with gradual economic improvements, we’ll start to see several new development projects in Philadelphia this year. That said, here are some of the most talked about […]