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The Benefits of Investing in a Foreclosure


For many people, investing in a rental property will be one of the most significant and stressful purchasing decisions they make. Finding an ideal property on the market, in the right neighborhood, with enough amenities to appeal to prospective tenants, and of course, funding the down payment, just scratches the surface of what goes into investing […]

How to Find the Best Location to Invest in Real Estate in 2023

Investing in real estate requires time, effort, and research. After all, your goal is to make money with your investment. However, it’s hard to do so without finding an ideal location. Today, we’re going to discuss finding the best location to invest in real estate in 2023. Read about what makes a good location and […]

Market Outlook for 2023: Why Some SFR Investors are Getting Cold Feet

As we head quickly toward 2023, many real estate investors are deciphering their next moves. During 2022, single-family homes were a popular choice amongst many rental investors. But what does the market look like for the next year? Let’s go over why this investment type is so popular and why some SFR investors are getting […]

How to Successfully Turn Your Investment Property into a Vacation Rental


Owning traditional investment properties is a great way to earn consistent passive income. However, owning vacation rentals can offer higher profit margins and room for investment growth. If you’re considering turning your investment property into a vacation rental, read along as we go over the pros and cons, necessities, and marketing tips.  What Is a […]

Are There Financial Benefits to Renting vs. Buying?

Are There Financial Benefits to Renting vs. Buying?

Most people across the United States place significant priority on homeownership. Whether it’s a small family looking for their first home or an individual looking to increase their independence, purchasing a home can be a rewarding investment for anyone. However, it takes a ton of planning and preparation to be done correctly. Some people would […]

Rental Investment Trends and Top US Cities for Investors in 2022

Rental Investment Trends and Top US Cities for Investors in 2022

Deciding where to purchase real estate in 2022 is on the mind of many rental home investors. First, however, we need to determine what the US rental market will look like for us this year. Although it’s hard to predict, given the last few years we’ve had, we can make some assumptions based on the […]

2022 Rental Market Projections – What Can Investors Expect?

Projections for 2022’s Competitive Rental Market and How to Prepare

It’s hard to predict what will happen with the rental market in the year ahead. We’ve seen the Covid-19 pandemic spark many changes in the past couple of years, especially within real estate. So, what can investors expect this year? Keep reading as we discuss the 2022 rental market projections and how investors can prepare. […]

Top US Cities for Rental Investment with Highest Price-to-Rent Ratio

Top US Cities for Rental Investment with the Highest Price-to-Rent Ratio

When it comes to where to buy or where to rent, location is the number one factor. Knowing what location has the best rental value can aid in making a successful business decision for investors. The post-pandemic rise of the real estate market means it is a hot seller’s market across the US. So, where […]

Cities Where Low Homeownership Rates Equal a Healthy Rental Market

Cities Where Low Homeownership Rates Equal a Healthy Rental Market

Location is an important factor for real estate investors, and the ideal one has a large pool of renters. With that in mind, some locations across the US are better than others. Researching the homeownership rates in various cities helps investors see what percentage of the population is looking for rentals. Therefore, landlords can narrow […]

Real Estate Investment Forecast 2021 – Is It Time to Take Risks?

Real Estate Investment Forecast for 2021 - Is Now the Time to Take Risks?

A new year brings a new outlook and opportunities for real estate investment. The COVID pandemic, along with the economic and political impact of 2020, will soon be behind us. However, many landlords and investors wonder how these events will carry over to 2021 and beyond. So, is now the best time to invest, or […]