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Pros and Cons of Buying a Newly Constructed Property


With so many opportunities and investing strategies, deciding which avenue to explore can be challenging. Many rental investors look for run-down properties to fix and flip, but why not try something new? Buying a newly constructed property for your next rental investment is an excellent way to switch up your strategy and earn solid returns. […]

What to Do After a Natural Disaster Hits Your Rental Property


It’s hard to predict when a natural disaster may occur in a specific area. However, it’s best to stay prepared with the right resources and procedures if it does happen. As such, whether you’re a tenant or a rental owner, it’s crucial to stay prepared for several emergency situations that may arise. Read along as […]

How to Lower Your Property Taxes in 6 Simple Steps

Investors have several expenses to worry about while owning real estate. One of the most frustrating costs to account for is property taxes. Not only do they increase over time, but they never go away. The amount you owe depends on several factors, but there are ways to lower your property taxes if they’re too […]

How to Navigate the Four Stages of The Real Estate Cycle


Understanding each stage of the real estate cycle is a vital part of being an investor. Although the housing market cycle is closely connected to the general economy, you can’t assume that they always correlate. As such, it’s important to understand the four stages of the real estate cycle to help prepare for future investments. […]

What Is an Assumable Mortgage and How Does It Work?

With so many financing options, there are many ways to buy real estate without a conventional mortgage. Each option has benefits and disadvantages, so it’s up to the buyer to choose what’s best for them. One financing method that’s worth looking at is an assumable mortgage. So, to learn more about assumable mortgages and how […]

Mortgage Rate Predictions for 2023: Where are Rates Headed?


Over the past year, mortgage rates have skyrocketed, negatively affecting the affordability and demand of real estate. However, as the market starts to correct, investors are curious about where mortgage rates are headed in the new year. Read along as we review some mortgage rate predictions for 2023 and how to get the best rate […]

What Is Passive Real Estate Investing? A Guide for Investors


There’s lots of money to be made in real estate, whether you’re passively investing or managing a rental business. However, if you want to reap the benefits without putting in much effort, you’ll want to consider investing passively. Luckily, there are several ways investors can make money with passive real estate investments. If you want […]

What Is Real Estate Syndication and How Does It Work?


Creating a diverse real estate portfolio means branching out and learning about different investments. After all, if your investment portfolio only has several single-family homes, you may want to consider investing in a commercial or multifamily property. However, keep in mind that managing large properties takes a lot of time and experience. As such, you […]

Home Price Forecast 2023: What Can Buyers and Investors Expect?


If you’ve been following the housing market over the past few years, you know that it can be highly unpredictable. Looking back on the past three years, each year has brought new challenges and benefits that most investors couldn’t have predicted. That said, looking into 2023, many investors wonder where the housing market is heading. […]

The Worst States for Landlords Across the United States


One of the biggest decisions that landlords make is where to invest in rental property. Along with researching the local markets, it is important to realize that some states tend to favor landlords. Historically, Northern states benefit renters while Southern states tend to side with property owners. That said, owners must consider several factors such […]