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How to Build a Real Estate Investment Network

How to Build a Real Estate Investment Network

Building a real estate investment network is one of the smartest things you can do as a new investor. Meeting other professionals in the field, whether real estate agents, mortgage brokers, contractors, or lawyers, can help you learn more about the industry. Not to mention–it’s a great way to find other like-minded individuals to partner […]

What is Virtual House Flipping? Strategies for Investors

Technology has changed several things about many industries–including how we can invest in real estate. Did you know that you can buy, renovate, and sell properties without physically seeing them? With advanced real estate tools and technology, virtual house flipping is possible. In the video below, we’ll review what it is, some of the pros […]

Tips for Successful Real Estate Partnerships


If you’re interested in real estate investing but don’t have the time, capital, or knowledge to do it alone, you may consider a real estate partnership. Real estate partnerships allow two or more investors to jointly own and manage a real estate investment. There are plenty of ways to contribute to a partnership and several […]

Why Are People Quitting Airbnb in 2023?

Most people know someone who either owns an Airbnb or has stayed in one while traveling for work or vacation. While they’re a popular alternative to hotels, most investors get caught up in other people’s success stories without realizing it may not be the same for them. In the video below, we’ll be reviewing the […]

The Evolution of Real Estate Auctions: Online Platforms and Bidding

Real estate auctions can be an excellent way for investors to buy fixer-uppers or foreclosed homes and turn them into investment properties. While live auctions have been around for years, online platforms are becoming increasingly popular for buying real estate. In the video below, we discuss the basics of real estate auctions, how they’ve evolved […]

Understanding HOA Assessments and Fees


If you plan on buying a property in an HOA community, it’s crucial to understand any fees or dues you’ll have to pay while owning a home there. While no two associations are the same, most generally have HOA assessments and other fees you’ll have to pay. But what’s the difference between the two? Today, […]

Investing in Section 8 Rental Properties in Maryland

Investing in Section 8 housing can be an excellent strategy for some investors. After all, low-income housing is essential for several reasons, and several families and individuals can benefit from more available affordable housing units. In the video below, we’ll go over the basics of low-income housing, including tenant-based and project-based assistance, and how to […]

Can Real Estate Truly Generate Passive Rental Income?

Many investors get drawn into the rental industry by the lure of passive income. After all, who would not be interested in extra money? Real estate is a solid investment, whether your goal is saving for a college fund, retirement, or added peace of mind. That said, investing in the rental industry is not without […]

October is Financial Planning Month: Tips for Investors


October is Financial Planning Month, which means it’s a great time for investors and property managers to start looking at their budgeting strategies. If you’re unfamiliar with Financial Planning Month, today we’ll go over the basics of what it means and tips for real estate investors and property managers to follow. Read along to learn […]

Real Estate Investing for Beginners: 5 Ways to Get Started

Real estate investments have several benefits, whether you’re buying a rental property or pooling money together into a real estate investment trust (REIT). Either way, it’s important for beginners to know their options and choose one that aligns with their business goals. Today, we’ll go over real estate investing for beginners and five different strategies […]