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Tenant vs. Landlord Responsibilities for HVAC Maintenance

Tenant vs. Landlord Responsibilities for HVAC Maintenance

  As Summer heats up, so does the strain on your rental property’s HVAC system. While everyone agrees that preventative maintenance is vital, many landlords and tenants wonder who is really responsible for what? Below we help you answer that question by discussing landlord responsibilities for HVAC maintenance along with tenant rights and prevention tips […]

Why Do Property Management Companies Fail and How to Be Successful!

Why Do Property Management Companies Fail and How to Be Successful!

  Starting and running a successful business is hard. One sector that continues to grow to meet demand is the 76 billion-dollar property management industry. In 2019, there were over 280,000 property management companies employing over 800,000 people. Additionally, it is an industry continuing to show nearly 5% growth year over year, that’s a lot […]

Landlord Insurance Tips for Harford County Rental Home Management

insurance tips for rental home management

Insurance is a vital component of Harford County rental home management. It is widely available and designed to help protect landlords from financial losses due to a covered peril. That said, there are so many companies and offers out there, how do you know what coverage is best? Landlord insurance is for those who rent […]

Summer Spruce Up Tips for Attracting Good Renters in Harford County

landscaping tips harford county

Summer is upon us! Is your rental investment property in need of a Summer spruce up? A well-maintained property with curb appeal is vital to enticing good renters to stay long term. Check out these tips below for attracting good renters and preparing your Harford County property for leasing season. Attracting Good Renters with Curb […]

COVID-19 Tenant Resources Available in Harford County

COVID-19 Resources for Tenants in Harford County

Depending on your state, chances are no eviction laws have been lifted. The United States ruled to end this on May 1st. Yet, some states like Pennsylvania have extended through June.   The law that was in place stated tenants have up to 120 days after the ban is lifted to pay back missing rent. […]

10 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Harford County Property Manager

10 questions to hire property manager

  Having a qualified and professional property manager to operate your Harford County rental property is absolutely vital. There’s a lot that goes into taking care of a rental property, from physically maintaining it, to filling it with renters, and much more. For this reason, you need to ensure that you’re hiring somebody worth their salt. […]

Cash for Keys Evictions in Harford County

cash for keys in Harford county

Cash for keys is a common practice in the property management world to avoid evicting a tenant. Learn more about what cash for keys means, the pros and cons of it as well as other eviction methods/mistakes below. What is Cash for Keys? As previously mentioned, cash for keys is a practice within the Harford […]

The Truth About Retaliatory Eviction in Harford County?

retaliatory evictions harford county MD

Retaliatory eviction is not legal in any state. Most states have laws to protect tenants from this happening, including in Maryland. Maryland has regulations in place to stop evictions from occurring due to retaliation. Learn about retaliatory evictions in Harford County, MD, and how to avoid them below! What is retaliatory eviction? Retaliatory eviction is […]

Should I Allow Pets In My Harford County Rental Property?

tenant pet policy harford county md

According to research (Zillow.com), 48% of renters list allowing pets as a requirement for renting a home or apartment. While many tenants consider a pet to be a cat or dog, some tenants may also have some unusual, but legal pets as well! Allowing pets to live in your properties comes with associated risks, yes, […]

Should I Offer Rent Concessions for My Harford County Rental Property?

rental concessions Harford county MD

Rental concession and incentives in Harford County can be a great way to entice new tenants and lower vacancy rates. Incentives are particularly worthwhile if a vacant unit has been sitting too long and you’re looking to rent quickly. Incentives can include; free rent, lowered rent cost, reduced fees, and additional amenities. Each concession option […]