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Can My Philadelphia Tenants Legally Withhold Rent?

can tenants withhold rent philadelphia

All renters have certain tenant rights. That said, it is up to the property manager or landlord to know what these rights are and not to violate them. If you do violate them, the tenant may have the right to hold rent in escrow. This can cause a litany of problems for you, both legal […]

Dealing with Gen Z Renters in Philly and How to Attract Them

Dealing with Gen Z Renters in Philly and How to Attract Them

Gen Z is the current generation of young adults and teenagers with many entering the rental market. With that said, this generation takes up a good majority of the renters right now. It is essential to understand the Gen Z trends in the rental industry. Read on to learn more about dealing with Gen Z […]

Top 10  Philadelphia Landlord Eviction Mistakes To Avoid 

Eviction Mistakes to Avoid

Avoiding eviction mistakes is paramount for Philadelphia landlords. Evictions are complicated and if the laws and regulations aren’t followed to the tee, serious consequences can occur for landlords. Several common mistakes are easily avoidable, yet landlords and property managers continue to make them. Take a look at these ten common mistakes landlords make when evicting […]