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6 Essential Things Apartment Moving Companies Won’t Tell You

Whether you’re moving yourself or your entire family, it can be stressful. After all, you don’t realize how much stuff you have until it’s time to pack it all up. In addition, moving all of your items from one property to another can be highly time-consuming and physically demanding. However, don’t let the daunting thoughts of moving stop you from settling into your dream apartment. Instead, look into apartment moving companies. Here are a few points to consider while searching for a dependable moving company. 

What Do Apartment Moving Companies Do?

Depending on what type of service you’re looking for, apartment moving companies will handle everything associated with your move. For instance, a full-service moving team will:

  • Supply the packaging materials
  • Pack up your belongings
  • Disassemble furniture
  • Load items into the moving truck
  • Transport your belongings
  • Unpack your property
  • Dispose of packaging materials afterward

That said, the cost of hiring a moving company differs depending on how many items you have and what services you’re looking for. For instance, you don’t have to hire a full-service moving team. Instead, you can customize which services you need. 

So, if you plan on packing and unpacking all of your items, you can hire a moving company to simply transport your items to your new home. Next, let’s go over why it can be beneficial to hire a moving company. 

Why Hire a Moving Company?


People may hire a moving company for several reasons. For instance, if you have a lot of items to move and nobody to help you move them all, it could take days to get everything done. On the other hand, when you have a team of movers to help, they can move your items much more efficiently. Here are some of the main reasons renters hire apartment moving companies. 

  • Efficiency- A professional moving company is typically more efficient at packing and lifting heavy items into moving trucks. Additionally, having more than one mover helping you with your items can get the job done much quicker. 
  • No Heavy Lifting- Couches, beds, dressers, and TV stands can be extremely heavy and hard to move. When you have a team of professional movers, you don’t have to worry about injuring yourself while lifting heavy items.
  • Peace of Mind- Moving is extremely stressful. Asking family members or friends to help you move can be risky or unreliable. However, with a team of movers, you know they’ll be there to pack and move your items. 
  • Accountability- The moving company you hire will be held accountable for your move. As such, they’ll ensure all of your property is moved carefully and accounted for once you’ve arrived at your new home. 
  • Safety- Experienced movers know how to safely move and transport large or fragile items without damaging your property. 

Now that we’ve gone over some of the main reasons people hire apartment moving companies, here are some things they may not tell you

6 Things Apartment Moving Companies Won’t Tell You

Professional movers pose several benefits to tenants looking to move quickly and efficiently. However, there are still a few details to consider. For instance, here are 6 things apartment moving companies won’t tell you. 

  • Moving During Peak Season Will Cost More
  • Online Price Estimates Frequently Aren’t Accurate
  • Extra Services Require Additional Charges
  • The More Prepared You Are, the Better
  • You Can Customize Your Moving Service
  • Get Several Estimates Before Deciding on a Company

Moving During Peak Season Will Cost More

Movers tend to have the most business during the summer months. As such, if you can wait to move until fall or winter, you could save some money on moving costs. In addition, because of the influx of business during the summer, rates are typically lower outside of peak season. 

Online Price Estimates Frequently Aren’t Accurate

Although online quotes can be beneficial in determining your overall budget, they aren’t 100% accurate all the time. The only way to get a completely accurate estimate is by getting an in-house quote from a moving professional. 

Additionally, several variables determine the cost of your move. For instance, your moving company will factor in the weight of your items, how long it will take to move, and more. Without considering these factors, an accurate quote is nearly impossible. 


Extra Services Require Additional Charges

Typically when you get a quote online, it will not include any additional charges. You’ll be charged for each additional service used when you hire a moving company. That said, each company will have a list of services and the corresponding rates for each additional service. 

So, before you endure extra service charges, look into which services are included in the quoted price and make a decision from there. For example, if they don’t include packing in the quoted price, ensure you do this part yourself to avoid extra charges. 

The More Prepared You Are, the Better

The more prepared you are for the move, the easier it will be for you and the movers you hire. For example, if you’re hiring moving professionals to load and transport boxes, the boxes should be ready by the time they arrive. After all, they aren’t going to want to wait for you to pack up your items. Additionally, the more work you do, the less you’ll have to pay the movers to do for you. 

You Can Customize Your Moving Service

There are different services a moving company may offer. For instance, you can request a full-service move, where the movers will do everything for you. However, if you don’t need a full-service move, you can customize which services you need. So, if you’ve already packed up all of your items and you just need them to be transported, you can hire a moving company to do just that. 

Get Several Estimates Before Deciding on a Company

Before you go with the first moving company that pops up on Google, it’s best to do some research first. Even if you have several movers come and calculate an estimate, try not to go with the first offer you receive. Frequently, you’ll find better deals elsewhere. 

The best way to get quality moving services at a fair price is to get several in-house estimates and compare the offers. Then, you can make an educated decision based on the pricing and which services are included. 

Tips for a Successful Move


Moving, with or without help from professional movers, can be daunting. Finding the wrong moving company can make matters even worse. Therefore, it’s best to do as much research on a company beforehand as possible. Here are some tips to keep in mind that could make it easier to find a reliable moving team.

  • Read Reviews from Other Customers- One of the best ways to determine which companies are reliable is by reading customer reviews. You can also verify a company’s credentials to ensure they are licensed and trustworthy. 
  • Go Over Paperwork Carefully- Any paperwork you receive, whether from a moving company or not, should be reviewed carefully. After all, you don’t want to get charged extra or tricked by the fine print. 
  • Ensure There’s No Property Damage- Whether you’re moving your items yourself or hiring a moving company, make sure you walk through the empty unit to ensure no damages. Your Philadelphia property management company will give your landlord a move-in and move-out report to document damages. 

Count on the Professionals to Help You Move

Moving out of one rental property into another can be stressful–especially if you’re doing it alone. After all, you must worry about packing, moving, hauling items, cleaning your old property, and more. All of this work can add up quickly for one single tenant. As such, apartment moving companies can help immensely. 

Hiring a moving company can also help you avoid property damages while moving out of your rental. For example, moving large furniture can sometimes result in scuffs or dents in the walls or appliances. Unfortunately, these minor damages can add up, leaving you with deductions from your security deposit. 

If you notice damages or maintenance issues in your rental when you move out, contact your rental property management team. A qualified team of professionals like Bay Property Management Group can help landlords and tenants determine rental damages. 

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