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Evaluating Tenant Applications: Red Flags to Watch For


Investing in rental properties can be rewarding and a great way to build wealth. However, it’s not as simple as buying properties and placing tenants in them. Instead, you’ll want to choose high-quality tenants to live in your property. As such, landlords and property managers should look into prospective tenants’ backgrounds and learn more about […]

Rental Application Mistakes for Landlords to Avoid


The initial rental application is one of the most important forms for landlords and tenants. However, knowing what to include on the application and knowing how to evaluate each applicant’s information is a crucial step in the process. Today, we’ll go over the importance of the rental application process and rental application mistakes for landlords […]

A Tenant’s Guide to the Rental Application Process

A Tenant's Guide to the Rental Application Process

Apart from the lease, a rental application is the most important document in the rental process. For tenants, having the required documents at the ready will help you jump on great listings in a competitive market. After all, having your first choice property swept out from under you is an awful experience. So, to boost […]