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How Do Landlords Declare Rental Property Income?


Rental property owners have a significant responsibility when tax time comes around. After all, landlords are responsible for reporting rental property income on their tax returns each year. While filing taxes, rental owners must declare all payments they receive as rental property income. Then, investors can deduct qualifying expenses from the total revenue. If you’re […]

Landlord, Tenant, and Property Manager Responsibilities for Maintenance

Landlord, Tenant, and Property Manager Responsibilities for Maintenance

  Rental property maintenance is an ongoing task. Rental properties present unique challenges based on the size of the home or the number of units. Therefore, many landlords and tenants wonder who is responsible for what? The difference between landlord, tenant, and property manager responsibilities needs to be clearly defined from the start. Doing so […]

How to Handle Unauthorized Tenants in Delaware County

unauthorized tenants delaware county pa

Unauthorized tenants can be a struggle within the property management industry. As a landlord, understanding what is an unauthorized tenant, how to deal with that tenant, and tips for avoiding this issue is vital. Read on to learn how to handle unauthorized tenants in your Delaware County rental property.   What is an Unauthorized Tenant? […]

Managing a Rental Property with a Pool in Delaware County

delaware county rental property with pool

Having a pool at your Delaware County rental property could add value, attract families, and appeal to more individuals. But, before investing in a DelawareCounty property with a pool or adding a pool there are some things to keep in mind. Pools may increase the chances of liabilities and need regular maintenance. There are pros […]

Choosing the Right Property Management Company in Delaware County

Choosing a property management company

A property management company can be an excellent tool for landlords. There are so many skills needed to manage a property, and asking for help is never a bad thing! If you’re a Delaware County landlord choosing a property management company can seem like a daunting task. Keep in mind the following information when searching […]