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Philadelphia’s Newest Development Projects to Watch for in 2023


This year will be exciting and opportunistic for new development projects in Philadelphia. The past few years presented several economic challenges, slowing down progress on many construction projects. However, with gradual economic improvements, we’ll start to see several new development projects in Philadelphia this year. That said, here are some of the most talked about […]

How to Find the Best Location to Invest in Real Estate in 2023

Investing in real estate requires time, effort, and research. After all, your goal is to make money with your investment. However, it’s hard to do so without finding an ideal location. Today, we’re going to discuss finding the best location to invest in real estate in 2023. Read about what makes a good location and […]

How Property Rezoning Can Increase the Value of Your Investment


Understanding property zoning laws is crucial for property owners. After all, zoning regulations can affect you in different ways, so it’s important to know what you can and cannot do with your property. In addition, some property owners see opportunities for property rezoning, which reclassifies the land to fall into a new zone with new […]

Most Common Questions to Ask Landlords Before Signing a Lease


Before you sign a lease for a new rental property, there are several questions you may have. You’ll likely want to know the length of the lease, the rental rates, and what utilities you’ll have to cover. If this is your first time renting, you may not know what questions to ask. If this sounds […]

Is a Rental Management Career the Right Choice for You?


November is National Career Development Month, so what better time to learn about rental property management? If you’ve been considering a rental management career, stick around while we review what makes a good property manager, how to become one, and average salaries for property managers across the US.  Contents of This Article: What is Rental […]

What Every Landlord Needs to Know About Squatter’s Rights


Finding unauthorized occupants in your rental property can be costly and potentially dangerous for landlords. However, even though they entered the property unlawfully, squatters have certain rights. That said, understanding the best way to handle squatters while protecting your property and yourself is crucial if you ever find yourself in this situation. Read along as […]

Fix and Flip Real Estate: Is it the Right Choice for Long-term Wealth?


There are several ways for investors to purchase real estate for profit in return. Whether you’re interested in buying rental properties, commercial buildings, or fix and flip real estate, there’s an investment strategy for everyone. Today, we’re going to go over fix and flip real estate and how investors can quickly earn a profit. What […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Wholesale Real Estate Investing


Investing in real estate can be a long and tricky process. After all, it’s nothing like investing in stocks or cryptos, where you can just throw in $100 when you want and cash out when you’ve made a solid profit. However, there are ways to dive into the world of real estate without breaking the […]

Tips for Sending Notice of Intent to Sell to Your Current Tenants


Whether you want to switch business ventures or your investments aren’t paying off, sometimes it’s worth it to sell your rental property. But what if you are still housing tenants? Luckily, there are ways for landlords to sell a property, even if tenants are living there. So if you’re wondering how to give notice of […]

The 4 Types of Inspections Every Rental Landlord Should Complete


As part of the rental property process, landlords must complete several different types of inspections. Although these take place at different times and for different reasons, the ultimate goal is to protect you, the tenant, and the property. In addition, detailed inspections help landlords discover maintenance issues before they become emergency repairs and ensure that […]