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A Guide to HOA Rules and Regulations for Property Managers

Successfully managing properties within a homeowners’ association (HOA) can be tricky. However, with the help of professional property managers, it becomes a bit easier. In the video below, we’re going to review some of the common tasks of property managers and common HOA rules and regulations for managers and community members to follow.  A Guide […]

Managing Multiple Properties: Tips for Efficiency

Some landlords own one or two properties and are able to manage them seamlessly without putting too much time and effort into it. They may even also have full-time jobs in which they put most of their focus. However, landlords with several rental properties may find focusing on anything besides property management challenging. In the […]

Benefits of Offering Month-to-Month Leases


There are plenty of ways to offer flexibility to your tenants, whether you offer a shorter lease term, extra amenities, or a discounted rental rate. One of the most common ways to cater to a tenant’s renting needs while also benefiting yourself is by offering a month-to-month lease. Month-to-month leases are great for traveling tenants […]

The Role of Property Managers in HOA Communities


Owning properties in HOA communities can offer several benefits, but also some disadvantages. One of the main benefits is that you have someone, an HOA property manager, to look over your property and ensure it meets the requirements and criteria set by the HOA. That said, HOA managers are similar to rental property managers, but […]

What to Do and How to Evict a Squatter in Your Rental Property

As a landlord, securing responsible and paying tenants is the ultimate goal. However, there are a few things along the way that can derail those plans. For example, if the property has been vacant for a while and someone decides to move in illegally. Furthermore, a tenant could choose not to leave after their lease […]

6 Mistakes New Landlords Make and How to Avoid Them


Whether saving for college, retirement, or just some rainy day spending money, many individuals are looking for ways to build an investment portfolio. Investing provides several opportunities to make money and potentially build long-term wealth. However, if you’re looking to invest in rental properties, there are several factors to consider if you want your business […]

Property Management Industry Trends to Watch for in 2023

The past few years have been hectic for real estate investors and property managers throughout the United States. With high-interest rates, inflated home prices, and navigating through Covid-19 procedures, it’s been a learning curve for everyone involved. As we enter a new year, more changes are on the way. Read along as we discuss property […]

20 Property Management Terms You Need to Know

No matter what industry you go into, it’s important to learn as much as you can about it. But, when it comes to real estate and rental property management, there’s a lot to keep in mind. So, read along as we go over some of the most common real estate and rental property management terms […]

Is a Rental Management Career the Right Choice for You?


November is National Career Development Month, so what better time to learn about rental property management? If you’ve been considering a rental management career, stick around while we review what makes a good property manager, how to become one, and average salaries for property managers across the US.  Contents of This Article: What is Rental […]

Property Manager’s Guide to Tax Time and Sending 1099s to Landlords

Property Manager's Guide to Tax Time and Sending 1099s to Landlords

Tax time can be stressful and confusing for everyone, including property owners and landlords. That said, not everyone is an expert, so it’s important to pay close attention to essential tax documents and requirements. One of the most significant tax forms for landlords is 1099. If you have a management team, like Bay Property Management […]