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Unlocking Prosperity: Property Management Market Growth Soaring!

Property management is a fast-growing industry, and this market growth shows no signs of slowing down. According to market research firm Beyond Market Insights (BMI) and Straits Research (SR), the US property management market is poised for exciting developments by 2032. In this article, we’ll uncover new property management market trends, growth factors, and the […]

5 Things to Include in Your Tenant Manual


Finding a good tenant is only half of a landlord’s job. The other half is managing the property with the tenant in it, which can be a demanding task. To make it a bit easier, many property managers create a “tenant manual.” Even though the rental contract outlines most of the tenants’ responsibilities, a tenant […]

3 Important Reasons to Hire a Property Manager


Investing in rental properties is a great way to sustain a steady money flow and provide supplemental income. However, being a landlord is not as easy as it seems– and it’s sure enough not for everyone. When choosing whether or not to pass control over to a property manager (Bay Management Group is here at […]

Landlords: 5 Steps to Prepare for an Emergency

While being a landlord is rewarding and stressful, finding responsible tenants is only one of the hardships you have to go through. If you want your undertaking to succeed, you must be prepared for various emergency situations that may occur on your property. A slow or inadequate response during an emergency can cost you time, […]

20 Property Management Terms You Need to Know

No matter what industry you go into, it’s important to learn as much as you can about it. But, when it comes to real estate and rental property management, there’s a lot to keep in mind. So, read along as we go over some of the most common real estate and rental property management terms […]

Is a Rental Management Career the Right Choice for You?


November is National Career Development Month, so what better time to learn about rental property management? If you’ve been considering a rental management career, stick around while we review what makes a good property manager, how to become one, and average salaries for property managers across the US.  Contents of This Article: What is Rental […]

Using Real Estate Referrals to Grow Property Management Company

Using Real Estate Referrals to Grow Property Management Company

  A profitable property management company is always looking to grow. The question becomes how you can use what you have already established as a great customer base and professional contacts to gain new clients. Well, that is where referral marketing comes in. Setting up a program for real estate referrals and offering incentives to […]

How Do I Find a Good Property Management Company Near Me?

Hiring a property management company for your Philadelphia rental property is a big decision. A good property manager has the potential to ensure your tenants are satisfied, that you receive a monthly positive cash flow, and that your property is properly cared for. In a property management company, you are going to need qualities like: […]

How Does Your Property Management Company Stack Up?

Property management companies in the Harford County area are a specialized section of the rental property business. Offering property owners years of experience and specialized knowledge in managing multiple rentals, property management companies have the potential to add real value to your rental homes as well as boost your positive cash flow. Unfortunately, not all […]

Tips for Reducing Vacancy Rates

No Baltimore landlord likes a vacant property. Worries about loss of income, damage to the property, and theft can cause many sleepless nights.  And while vacancies are an unwelcome downside to being a landlord, there are steps you can take to reduce the possibility of an unoccupied property. Let’s jump right in and take a […]