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Upgrades to Your Rental Property That Will Help Increase Rent


When it comes time to upgrade your rental property in Baltimore, there are many options. Some should be standard each time you’re ready to bring new renters in, while others are added amenities you may not consider immediately. Installing new carpet, painting the walls, ensuring the shutters are in working order, landscaping the outside, and […]

How Much Should You Increase Rent Each Year?

Owning and operating rental properties is quite costly. After all, you have to consider taxes, utilities, and property management services. Unfortunately, these costs go up over time, leaving landlords with even higher expenses. To compensate for rising costs, landlords may have to increase rent each year. However, it’s essential to know the laws and proper […]

How Can Tenants Avoid Rent Increases When Renewing Their Lease?


Most tenants will experience a rent increase at some point throughout their rental career. Rent increases are common and sometimes necessary to keep up with market trends, inflation rates, and rental expenses. However, although rent increases are beneficial for owners, it leaves tenants in a tough spot. Is there anything tenants can do to avoid […]

How to Balance Rent Increases for Profit with Tenant Satisfaction

How to Balance Rent Increases for Profit with Tenant Satisfaction

Rent increases are a sometimes confusing and controversial subject. However, increasing the rent is something every landlord will have to deal with sooner or later. Understanding how to handle rent increases, the amount to ask for, and when to raise rates is key to your success as a landlord. Follow along with us below as […]

2020 Guide to Rent Increases for Harrisburg, PA Landlords

2020 rent increase guide for landlords

Increasing rent is a common and expected part of a lease renewal for both tenants and landlords. On average, most Harrisburg home leases increase by 3-5% annually. Although this is common, it can still rub tenants the wrong way. Read on for a rent increase guide for 2020 in Harrisburg, PA, and some advice on […]