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Easy Improvements for Renters That Don’t Break Your Lease

Easy Improvements for Renters That Don't Break Your Lease

Everyone wants to have their house feel like a home, including renters. However, moving into a rental means making large-scale permanent changes are not always a possibility. Thankfully, modern materials and a little ingenuity allow renters to personalize spaces with little effort. Continue along with us below as we discuss easy improvements for renters and […]

Top 8 Rental Home Improvement Ideas on a Budgets

Top 8 Rental Home Improvement Ideas on a Budget

Competition in the rental industry has many owners looking to improve their odds of attracting a quality renter. However, a full-scale renovation is costly, and not all improvements truly add value. In a market where profit margins are tight, to begin with, extensive renovations could be financially damaging in more ways than one. Thankfully, some […]

Cost-Effective Property Improvements that Increase Rental Value

Cost-Effective Property Improvements that Increase Rental Value

Budgets and ways to cut expenses are on the minds of landlords now more than ever. Everyday upkeep alone can chip away at profits. As rent increase freezes are set to stick around for the foreseeable future, spending capital on large scale renovations may not be possible. That said, there are times when a modest […]

Top Home Improvement Ideas and Rental Property Upgrades for 2021

Top Home Improvement Ideas and Rental Property Upgrades for 2021

The new year ushers in a wealth of fresh opportunities and design trends to make your investment property shine. The COVID-19 pandemic means renters are spending more time at home than ever. So, what better reason to take inventory of your current style choices and make some strategic rental property upgrades. We have compiled 2021’s […]

Tips to Make the Most of Small Spaces in Your Harrisburg Rental

small space decorating tips

The term “small” is widely subjective. While some live comfortably in a tiny home, others feel cramped in an expansive single-family house. Whatever space you have, maximizing function with style will make even a small space feel much more substantial. We asked a Harrisburg apartment management company their tips on how to make the most […]

How to Add Upgrades to Increase Rental Value in Philadelphia

upgrades to increase value philadelphi

Sprucing up a tired rental does not have to be a costly renovation process. Renters these days have a ton of options on the market. How can you set your Center City investment property apart from the rest? Check out these easy and often DIY upgrades to increase rental value in your Philadelphia rental! How […]

9 Tips for Adding Serious Curb Appeal to Rental Your Property

First Impressions Matter Let’s say you’ve just brought a prospective tenant to view your Howard County property. Put yourself in their shoes for a second – what’s your first impression of the property when you look at its exterior? It might be tough to form an unbiased opinion, but envision your property and try your […]