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Cost-Effective Property Improvements that Increase Rental Value

Cost-Effective Property Improvements that Increase Rental Value

Budgets and ways to cut expenses are on the minds of landlords now more than ever. Everyday upkeep alone can chip away at profits. As rent increase freezes are set to stick around for the foreseeable future, spending capital on large scale renovations may not be possible. That said, there are times when a modest […]

Turn Your Rental Property into a “Smart Home” & Attract High-Paying Tenants

If you want to attract high-paying tenants, you need to realize that they often look for convenient, luxurious amenities that will improve their quality of life at home.One of those amenities is “smart” technology. When you install smart devices in one of your properties, you can turn that property into a smart home, which can […]

4 Cheap Investments to Improve Your Maryland Rental

With Montgomery County rentals becoming increasingly competitive, you need to find ways to make your property standout without losing your shirt. Many property improvements are too complex or expensive to complete between renters. The key is to invest in improvements that are simple and have a high return on investment.