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Reasons Your Rental Portfolio Should Include Investing in Self-Storage


Do you want to expand your rental business and invest in different types of properties? Perhaps you’ve considered investing in self-storage. Self-storage is an investment type that’s grown exponentially over the past few years. There are several reasons people utilize self-storage units, whether moving, downsizing, or not having enough space for all of their belongings. […]

Maximize Space with These DIY Kitchen Organization Ideas


When you live in a rental property, you don’t always have control over your space. For instance, you may live in a rental with a small kitchen, little closet space, and insufficient cabinet space. As such, it’s important to maximize the space you’re given. Follow these DIY kitchen organization ideas if you’re struggling to fit […]

Small Space Storage Solutions and Decor Tips for Your Studio Apartment


Although everyone wants a large living space with adequate storage space, not everyone’s budget allows for a multiple-bedroom apartment or rental home. For instance, you have to get creative if you have a studio apartment. That said, finding small space storage solutions is key to fitting all your belongings into a rental. Here are some […]

Tips to Make the Most of Small Spaces in Your Harrisburg Rental

small space decorating tips

The term “small” is widely subjective. While some live comfortably in a tiny home, others feel cramped in an expansive single-family house. Whatever space you have, maximizing function with style will make even a small space feel much more substantial. We asked a Harrisburg apartment management company their tips on how to make the most […]

Creative Storage Solution for Small Spaces in Washington, D.C.

storage solutions washington dc

Let’s face it, D.C. rent prices are high, and the rental properties are usually pretty small compared to units outside of the city. Rental living can come with a host of benefits like amenities, location, on-site maintenance, etc. However, having limited space does have its setbacks, and not having enough (or any) closet or pantry […]