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Rental Property Repairs That Will Break the Bank


Owning a rental property is, more often than not, a lucrative business. That is, after all, why so many Maryland landlords continue financing rental properties. However, as a landlord, you will never escape routine maintenance repair bills, and as many come to find out, some rental property repairs leave a larger hole in your pocket than expected. […]

Do My Property Management Fees Cover Rental Maintenance?

It may surprise some rental owners, but property management and property maintenance are not necessarily the same. For landlords, maintenance is just one item in a long list of responsibilities to keep a rental business running. Savvy investors look to professional management firms to maximize profits while avoiding the daily stresses associated with the rental […]

Top 10 Expensive Rental Home Repairs for Landlords

Many uncertainties accompany rental property ownership. However, one thing is for certain, maintenance and repairs are inevitable. Unfortunately, a common mistake for new landlords is underestimating potential maintenance costs and not preparing for the worst. While avoiding many disastrous repairs involves preventive action, it is always a good idea to set aside more emergency funds […]

Financial Planning for Rental Property Repairs and Maintenance


Owning rental properties comes with a lot of responsibility. One of the most important tasks for landlords and property managers is keeping up with rental repairs and maintenance. However, if you don’t account for these expenses within your budget, they can put a major dent in your rental income. As such, it’s crucial to know […]

Most Common Roofing Problems to Worry About in the Spring


Spring is generally refreshing, but it can also bring worries for homeowners, particularly when it comes to roofing problems. As the snow and ice melt away, it’s important to be aware of the common roofing problems that may arise during this season. If you want to stay informed about these problems and find solutions to […]

How to Winterize a Rental Property and Prevent Frozen Pipes


Cold weather is approaching fast, is your rental property prepared? If not, now is the time to think about putting winterizing procedures at the top of your list. The cold months of Winter can, unfortunately, bring unexpected repairs and problems. That said, by taking some simple precautions, many potentially costly emergencies are avoidable. So, continue […]

Landlord’s Guide to After-Hours Rental Property Emergency Maintenance


Landlords in the industry know that property management is not a standard 9 to 5 job. Maintenance is a task that requires a significant amount of time and coordination. But, how do landlords handle rental property emergency maintenance after hours? No one wants to get that call; however, it is essential to quickly and efficiently […]

How Much Should Investors Save for Rental Property Maintenance Costs


Owning and managing rental properties takes a ton of time, money, and effort. One of the significant aspects of managing rental properties is keeping up with routine maintenance, emergency maintenance issues, and other maintenance requests. As such, it’s crucial to account for rental property maintenance costs while creating your business budget. Here’s what you need […]

Why Landlords Need a Rental Property Maintenance Checklist

Why Professional Cleaning is Vital to the Rental Turnover Process

Property turnover is inevitable in the rental industry. When it happens, landlords become overwhelmed by a myriad of repair and cleaning tasks. All of which are important steps to making the home ready for a new tenant to move in. However, one of the traits of successful landlords is planning ahead for the eventual vacancy. […]

Step-By-Step Guide for Rental Property Work Orders

As a landlord, making sure your rental properties are in habitable condition is a must. Therefore, any time maintenance issues arise, repairs need to occur as soon as possible. Ensure that tenants know the procedure for submitting maintenance requests and know the warning signs to look for to avoid extensive damage. Then, once a tenant […]