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Social Media Marketing for Rental Properties


The goal of any rental property is to keep it occupied by high-quality tenants. One way to ensure you have no vacancies in your rentals is by marketing them correctly. When you use social media marketing to spread the word about your rental, more people will see it, and you’ll find leads much quicker. Let’s go over some social media marketing tips for your rental property

Research Before You Start Marketing

Before you start marketing to prospective tenants, you must research. Who uses social media, and who will you reach for your potential audience? These days, over 70% of people use social media in one way or another. The majority of these people use YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. 

Social media was used more by kids and young adults in the past, but it’s become more popular with older adults within the past couple of years. This is great for social media marketing because you have a bigger audience to target with more people using social media. Let’s go over how you can get to know your audience.

Know Your Audience

Whoever you want to live in your rentals is who you should target. So, this audience may include older couples, younger couples, people with a steady income, etc. Before you can target anyone, you must decide who you are looking to rent to. 

People with a steady income use social media more than those with lower incomes. So, if this is who you want to target as your audience, it’s easier to market your rental business to them. Now, let’s discuss how you can set achievable marketing goals.

What Are Your Marketing Goals? 


If you don’t develop any marketing goals, what are you working toward? When it comes to social media marketing, good goals may include: 

  • An increase in followers to your social media platforms
  • Increased awareness of your rental business
  • More engagement in rental property listings
  • An increase in monthly conversions or leads

When you have a set goal in mind, it’s easier to find ways to achieve them. If you’re just starting with social media, expect to raise awareness first before securing any qualified leads. It’s important to grow your following to increase awareness before marketing to certain audiences. 

Come Up With a Plan

Once you know what your goals are, it’s time to start thinking about how you can achieve them. There are many ways to use social media marketing, so finding the right strategies for your business is crucial. Decide what social platforms you will use, write up some rental property listings, consider using paid advertising, and see what else will work for your rental business. Let’s go over a few social media marketing strategies to consider while making your plan. 

Social Media Marketing Strategies for Your Rental Business

Anyone can list a rental property, but it takes a solid strategy to ensure the listing gets seen by many people. Additionally, simply listing a rental property does not mean you’ll avoid vacancies in that property. People must see your listings and engage with your listings. Here are a few ways landlords and property management companies in Northern Virginia can make that happen. 

  • Use Multiple Social Media Platforms
  • Run Paid Advertisements
  • Highlight Your Amenities
  • Make Communication Simple
  • Ensure Quality Customer Service

Use Multiple Social Media Platforms


While most social media users have Facebook, that doesn’t mean your rental property listings will have more engagement there. Expand your network and consider other social media platforms, like Instagram or LinkedIn. Alternatively, you can use real estate-focused social media, like Zillow, or another platform like it. 

It’s also a good idea to create a website for your business. Most people like to see who they are renting from, and a good way to do this is by making a website. Although it sounds complicated, making a website these days has never been easier with tools such as Wix, WordPress, and Squarespace. 

Run Advertisements

Once you have your social media sites up and running, you may want to consider running paid advertisements. However, you’ll probably want to wait until you have a decent following before you start running ads. Additionally, it’s crucial to create interesting, engaging, and clickable ads for any viewer. 

If you include photos of your rental properties, make sure they are top-notch pictures. If your rental property doesn’t look like a place your viewers want to live, they likely won’t click on your listing. So make sure to use the best-looking pictures along with a dynamic description of the property. 

Highlight Your Amenities


Similar to when you run ads, highlight your amenities when you list a property for rent. People want to know how your rental stands out from others, so it’s important to show them. Like always, you should list a basic description of the property, including the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. 

However, you should also make a point to highlight the desirable features of your home. For example, if you have all new appliances, include that in the listing. Also include other beneficial amenities such as utilities, onsite parking, laundry services, and more. Let your audience know whatever amenities you have that set you apart from other rental companies. 

Make Communication Simple

Once you have prospective renters interested in your property, they’ll want to find an easy way to contact you. If your contact information is not easily found, people will be less likely to search for it to reach out about a property. For example, if you have a website for your business, you can create a communication form for prospective renters to fill out. 

Additionally, consider adding your contact information to your social media pages as well. This way, renters can easily contact you regarding a property listing or see if you have any rentals available. 

Ensure Quality Customer Service

Creating social media posts or listing your rental property on several platforms is great. However, following up with great communication is even better. Once you generate solid leads from your posts, make sure to follow up with them to see if they’re interested in your property and want to set up a showing. 

That said, customer service isn’t only important for prospective renters; it’s also important for your current renters. One of the best marketing tools is word-of-mouth. If you’re good to your current renters, they’ll be more likely to recommend your rentals to a friend or family member. 

Luckily, if you have a property management team in Northern Virginia, you don’t have to worry about poor customer service. Our professionals are here to help with any problem, big or small. 

Can Property Management Help Secure New Tenants? 


If you’re having trouble finding tenants or just simply want to expand your rental business, using social media is a great start.

However, another strategy for generating quality leads and prospective renters is to work with a qualified management team. Bay Property Management Group focuses on targeted marketing while handling the bulk of your day-to-day rental business tasks. 

We’ve got your back, whether it’s tenant screening, rent collection, rental registration, or even eviction services. Contact BMG today if you need management services in Baltimore, Philadelphia, Northern Virginia, or Washington DC.