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The Latest Notice Requirements and Landlord-Tenant Laws in Maryland


Owning and renting real estate can be tricky, especially if you don’t know all of the federal, state, and local laws. As such, owners and renters should become familiar with landlord-tenant laws in Maryland. Recently, there have been some changes to the laws. Here’s how the law changed, who it affects, and how to navigate […]

Tips for Sending Notice of Intent to Sell to Your Current Tenants


Whether you want to switch business ventures or your investments aren’t paying off, sometimes it’s worth it to sell your rental property. But what if you are still housing tenants? Luckily, there are ways for landlords to sell a property, even if tenants are living there. So if you’re wondering how to give notice of […]

A Landlord’s Guide to Surviving a Visit From a Fair Housing Tester

How to Survive a Fair Housing Tester Visit A Landlord's Guide

No family or individual should fall victim to housing discrimination, but unfortunately, it happens from time to time. That said, when you own a rental property, there are specific protocols that you must follow. For example, the 1968 Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination against tenants. In addition, housing discrimination claims can have tremendous legal and […]

What is the Fair Criminal Screening for Housing Act

What is the Fair Criminal Screening for Housing Act

Landlords should be no stranger to the laws and guidelines of the federal Fair Housing Act. These laws ensure that tenants in protected classes do not face discrimination throughout the housing industry. However, Fair Housing Laws are not the only regulations that owners must be aware of. While creating standard qualification and screening processes, rental […]

What are Landlord-Tenant Laws and Why is Compliance Important?

What are Landlord-Tenant Laws and Why is Compliance Important?

The rental industry is governed by federal, state, and local landlord-tenant laws. Therefore, both tenants and landlords must understand their rights and responsibilities. Although tenants must hold up their end of the lease, landlords are held to a very high standard regarding habitability standards, building codes, and fair housing. Continue reading below as we examine […]