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The Most Landlord Friendly States for Real Estate Investors

The Most Landlord Friendly States for Real Estate Investors

As low mortgage rates continue across the United States, many investors wonder if now is the time to invest in a real estate venture. Rental properties are a great source of passive income while contributing to long-term wealth. Also, thanks to technology and professional property management companies, owners do not need to reside just down […]

7 Strategies Landlords Can Use to Prevent Tenant Lawsuits

Being a Baltimore landlord is already a complicated job, and the last thing you want on top of all your other duties is to land in legal troubles with a tenant. Not only can a lawsuit be a huge financial burden – it can waste your time and cause you tons of stress. If you’re […]

Landlord-Tenant Laws to Remember

Laws concerning rental homes are established to protect both the landlord and tenant involved in the lease agreement. While landlords want to make a profit and wish to keep their investment properties safe, tenants want their rights to be respected. Compliance with federal, state, and local regulations pertaining to rental housing is crucial for landlords. […]