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Atlantic Hurricane Season Begins: How to Protect Your Rental Property


When you know hurricane season is coming, it’s important to start taking precautions as soon as possible. After all, most landlords would do anything to protect their rental properties. But how can you protect your property from a hurricane? Read along as we go over how to protect your rental property and keep your tenants […]

What to Do After a Natural Disaster Hits Your Rental Property


It’s hard to predict when a natural disaster may occur in a specific area. However, it’s best to stay prepared with the right resources and procedures if it does happen. As such, whether you’re a tenant or a rental owner, it’s crucial to stay prepared for several emergency situations that may arise. Read along as […]

National Preparedness Month: Avoiding Emergency Situations at Home


Every September, the United States observes National Preparedness Month in order to educate citizens and prepare for disasters or emergency situations at home. Throughout September, businesses, homeowners, and communities can learn more about preparing for disasters and reducing health and environmental risks. Want to hear more about National Preparedness Month? Keep reading to learn how […]

Landlord’s Guide to Pre-Leasing Inspections to Get Your Unit Rent-Ready

Landlord's Guide to Pre-Leasing Inspections to Get Your Unit Rent-Ready

As a landlord, your rental property will go through many different types of inspections – all of which play an important role. In the rental industry, the longer a unit sits vacant, the more money the owner loses. Therefore, making sure your rental is ready for marketing and an efficient lease process is key to […]

How to Show Rental Properties and Pre-Screen Tenants Before Showings

How to Show Rental Properties and Prequalify Tenants Before Showings

  For landlords, the goal is relatively simple; find a well-qualified tenant who will care for your property and pay rent on time. That is sometimes easier said than done, but finding the right person starts at the first contact. So, if you take the time to pre-qualify tenants before showings, ask the right questions, […]

Preparing Your Baltimore County Home as a Rental Property

Preparing Your Baltimore County Home as a Rental Property

Renting out your Baltimore County home can be a very lucrative business move. Increased cash flow, potential tax benefits, appreciation over time, and even the flexibility to sell later on are just some of the reasons to consider renting your home. There are many steps you can take to prepare your home as a rental. […]