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Are Landlords Really That Bad? Rising Issues With Landlords

Lately, landlords have been in the news–and not in a good way. Everyone knows that inflation has affected most people’s finances. However, some individuals think landlords are contributing to the housing crisis by raising rent, evicting tenants, and making affordable housing less attainable. In the video below, we discuss why people have issues with landlords, […]

Top 5 Issues for Rental Owners and How to Handle Them

Rental owners know that managing and maintaining properties requires you to take on several responsibilities at once. However, if you don’t handle them properly, you could land yourself in financial or legal trouble. As such, it’s crucial to prevent future issues and handle them quickly once they occur. Read along as we go over the […]

Most Common Tenant Complaints and How to Handle Them


When you own rental properties, you must be prepared for all scenarios, including tenant complaints. Knowing how to handle complaints and avoid them in the future is crucial for landlords and property managers. So, what do you do when a tenant has a complaint? Let’s go over the most common tenant complaints and how to […]

How to Recognize and Report Landlord Negligence

How to Recognize and Report Landlord Negligence

When renting an apartment or home, many things require you to work with your landlord—for example, paying rent each month, submitting maintenance requests, and taking care of emergency issues that arise within your rental. Unfortunately, if you are dealing with a bad landlord, it can make these things extremely difficult to do. That said, if […]