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Understanding Rental Occupancy Standards and Limits

Landlords must create various policies and guidelines to maintain a safe and habitable property for all tenants. This can include everything from inspections and maintenance to applicant screening and beyond. One crucial factor for landlords to establish in their properties is rental occupancy standards. For landlords, most processes rely heavily on black and white laws […]

What’s the Difference Between a Tenant and an Occupant?


When it comes to rental housing, tenants and occupants aren’t necessarily the same. For instance, tenants sign a legally binding contract with the landlord and are responsible for paying rent and following lease terms. However, an occupant is simply authorized to live in a rental with the landlord’s permission. As such, they sometimes have different […]

Is it a Guest or Tenant? Understanding Types of Unauthorized Tenants

Is it a Guest or Tenant? Understanding Types of Unauthorized Tenants

Imagine going through all the trouble of marketing, properly screening tenants, and signing leasing documents, only to discover unwelcome occupants in your rental property. As a landlord, understanding who a tenant is, who is a guest, and who is an unauthorized occupant is essential. Furthermore, knowing your rights as a landlord can help deal with […]