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Rental Advertising Tips to Attract Quality Tenants

rental advertising tips bucks county pa

Advertising is tricky in the property management world. Of course, you want your advertising to get impressions and clicks (for digital ads), but “conversions” are essential. Even more critical are conversions that turn into quality leads. Conversions are the calls, emails, and texts that result from your advertising, and that leads to potential tenants. A […]

Top Renovation Tips to Improve your Bucks County Rental Property

top renovation tips bucks county pa

Renovations of all sizes and price ranges can add value to your home. In turn, the increased value allows you to rent your property at a higher rate. Tenants want to feel at home when renting, so think of what you would want out of a home and consider renovating accordingly. Most individuals want a […]

Doylestown Rental Market: What You Need to Know

rental property in Doylestown pa

For investors searching for the best suburbs of Philly in which to purchase a rental property, Doylestown offers not only a stable rental market but also one with a price point that is attractive for those hoping to turn a profit. Here is some information for investors interested in rental property in Bucks County, PA, […]

Non-Traditional Attractions in Bucks County

Bucks County, Pennsylvania is spread across 622 square miles and has a population of just over 625,000. What that means for visitors is vast farmlands and beautiful state parks that are the perfect distance from one of the largest cities in the US. With so many traditional family fun activities to enjoy in the city […]