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Should You Rent From a Private Landlord?

If you’re looking for a rental home or apartment, you may come across several different types of rentals. Some may be managed by a large property management company, while others may be listed by a private landlord or “for rent by owner.” But what’s the difference between the two? Read along as we review the […]

Interior Design Trends for Rental Homes in 2024

Interior design trends are constantly changing and evolving as the years go on. However, some will always be in style. Landlords and property managers need to keep up with interior design trends to keep their properties up-to-date and appealing to renters of all ages. In the video below, we’ll review some trends that are “in” […]

The Future of Rental Housing: Trends to Watch Out For


The rental market constantly changes due to factors like hanging who is renting, new technology, and what tenants look for in a home. While looking at the future of rental housing, it’s crucial to pay attention to trends that will shape the market the most. Whether it’s smart technology, sustainability, or affordability, understanding rental trends […]

Real Estate Crowdfunding: Is It the Next Big Thing for Investors?


Real estate crowdfunding is a unique way to diversify your financial portfolio. Crowdfunding allows you to pool your money with others to purchase real estate. The idea is that many people are willing to invest a small amount, adding up to a large sum of money. As such, crowdfunding allows investors to become shareholders in […]

10 Real Estate Blogs Every Investor Should Follow


Most investors know that the real estate industry is ever-changing. As such, it’s important for investors and property owners to stay up-to-date with current trends and industry tips. One of the best ways to learn about new topics and stay in the know is by reading real estate blogs. Some blogs are more beneficial than […]

Virtual Real Estate Investing: What is it and Is it Worth it?


Many people know that there are tons of virtual investing opportunities. For instance, many people explore cryptocurrencies, NFTs, or other digital currencies. That said, virtual real estate has been gaining a lot of attention lately from investors and creators. However, not a lot of people understand what it is. If you want to learn more […]

2022 Market Statistics for Investors and What to Expect in 2023


Real estate is a complex, exciting, and potentially profitable industry. Understanding the market is key to your success whether you are a real estate agent, investor, or buyer. Join us below as we review some key figures and market statistics for investors. Find out what’s impacting the 2023 market and some interesting real estate facts […]

Rental Price Trends in DC: What to Charge and What to Expect to Pay


Before investing or moving into a new area, it doesn’t hurt to look at rental price trends. After all, if you’re moving to a new city, you’ll want to know what to expect to pay for housing. On the other hand, if you’re looking to invest, it’s important to pay attention to rental price trends […]

Top Rental Decorating Trends Landlords Should Avoid in 2021

Top Rental Decorating Trends Landlords Should Avoid in 2021

In the competitive rental market, setting your listing apart is crucial. One way to make a property stand out from the pack is with a fresh and stylish redo. However, not every decorating trend is the right fit for a rental property. The goal of a rental is to appeal to a wide audience and […]