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Benefits of Offering Online Applications and Tenant Screening


One of the main responsibilities of landlords and property managers is tenant screening. First, you’ll want to review a prospective tenant’s rental application, then begin the screening process. However, doing this manually can take up a lot of your time. As such, many landlords or property managers opt to streamline the process with online applications […]

Top 15 Tenant Screening Questions Every Landlord Should Ask

Top 15 Tenant Screening Questions Every Landlord Should Ask

The rental application and subsequent tenant screening questions are a landlord’s first defense against troublesome tenants. That said, many landlords do not know what they can or what they should ask to secure the best occupant. After all, landlords must be mindful not to violate any Fair Housing Laws with their screening criteria. So, join […]

Creating Rental Screening Policies in a Post COVID Era

Creating Rental Screening Policies in a Post COVID Era

The COVID pandemic has changed many things in the rental industry. However, landlords must have comprehensive and fair rental screening policies that remain consistent. That said, many renters had their income interrupted or even faced eviction due to the pandemic. So, how should future landlords view these circumstances? The trouble is, without thorough screening, landlords […]

Complete Landlord’s Guide to Screening Tenants for Rental Properties

Complete Landlord's Guide to Screening Tenants for Rental Properties

  Screening tenants for your rental property is one of the most crucial tasks of a landlord. Applicant screening is a property owner’s first and best defense against troublesome tenants. Generally speaking, the applicant screening process can be broken down into several components – Pre-Screening, Application, Income Verification, Credit Check, Criminal Background, plus Rental History, […]

Changing Rental Qualifications Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

rental qualifications after COVID

Screening tenants is a tedious but necessary part of the leasing process for your Lancaster rental property. Without a careful screening process, you open your property up to trouble tenants, vacancies, and potential evictions. However, landlords have many questions surrounding rental qualifications due to COVID-19. Everyone agrees the COVID-19 pandemic has added challenges to landlords […]

How to Verify Prospective Tenant Employment and Income

One of the most important parts of the tenant screening process is to make sure the prospective tenant has verifiable employment and income. This tenant screening process is important for two reasons: It helps you ensure that the applicant has the income to pay rent regularly and on time. It helps you ensure that the […]

How to Interview Tenant References

How to Interview Tenant References

How useful are tenant references & which ones should you request from prospective renters?   Whether you are managing properties in Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County, or anywhere else in Maryland, screening potential tenants can be a time-intensive process. Nonetheless, it is absolutely necessary. Requiring references on rental applications allows you to verify information and […]