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Tips for Successful Rental Property Showings in York, PA

Rental property showings are the best way to minimize vacancies and renting to happy tenants. We understand the time and effort it takes to prepare a property, schedule with prospects, and execute excellent showings. However, having a plan in place will make your life easier when it comes time to show your property!  If you follow the tips in this post, the chances of filling vacancies after showings will be much higher.

How to Have a Successful Rental Property Showing 

Before getting into tips for showing your rental property, it’s essential to understand the steps involved in property showings.

  1. Prepare the Property – Before touring your property, it needs to prep the unit inside and out. Curb appeal is just as important as the interior, so be sure to power wash the exterior if needed, re-paint shutters and exterior doors, and make sure landscaping looks well-kept. Before showing the inside of the property, make sure it has been deep cleaned and looks presentable (paint re-done if needed, carpets cleaned or replaced, etc.). If the unit has a unique floor plan that might make it difficult for prospects to envision how to furnish it, consider staging furniture if it’s in your budget. This will help people visualize the interior decor options possible and make the rental feel more like home.
  2. Planned Tour Route – Have a tour route planned and practice conducting the tour and pointing out the features of the unit. Know where on the property you would like to start and finish the tour. Have talking points ready and unique features in mind to highlight. The more practice, the better.
  3. Conduct the Tour – The property is ready, and you’ve practiced your tour, so it’s time to schedule some showings! Maximize showings and attempt to have at least one per day, if not more. The more exposure, the quicker it will be rented. Also, be professional and dress to impress. The prospects won’t only be judging the property!
  4. Follow-Up – Always follow up and send a virtual application link immediately following the tour. Have a plan to follow up via email and phone within a few days of touring and then again later on. Keep in mind that the average sale is closed after five follow-up attempts. Be diligent, but don’t overdo it, as this may look desperate and may have the prospect turning the other way.

Tips for Successful Rental Property Showings

Now that you know how to tour the property, here are some tips to make your showings stand out!

  • Confirm Tours: Whether a tour was scheduled online or on the phone, you should always call and confirm the day before. This is not only the professional thing to do, but it will serve as a reminder to your prospects and save you lots of time.
  • Lighting: Enter the property before the prospects arrive and have the lights turned on throughout the unit: open blinds and open windows when the weather is nice.
  • Feature Selling: Be sure to point out any amenities. For single-unit homes, highlight things like upgraded appliances, wood flooring, etc. Of course, if the property is a multi-family building, you’ll want to show things like the gym, pool, business center, etc. Help the prospects see themselves living in the unit.
  • Tour Packets: Don’t rely on the prospect to remember every detail. Have materials to give them, such as the floor plan, a paper application or information about applying online, and any applicable information and fees to remember.
  • Always Be Closing: Ask for the sale! Assume that your prospects will want the property and be prepared to allow them to apply on site after the tour. Have paper applications ready or a tablet with an online application pulled up for them to fill out at their convenience.

COVID-19 Rental Property Showing Tips 

The COVID-19 pandemic has quickly changed the world of leasing. Be prepared for doing showings differently than before and remember to practice social distancing in accordance with CDC guidelines. Due to the current pandemic, there are limited showing options available. However, there are ways to get creative with leasing tours.

  1. Virtual Facetime Tours: Virtual facetime tours are when the leasing agent or landlord does the tour over a video conference. This option is excellent as it allows the prospect to view the unit in real-time as well as ask any questions and get answers right away.
  2. Pre-Recorded Virtual Tours: Pre-recorded virtual tours or 3D tours are also a good option. This way, you can easily share a link to interested prospects and can follow up by phone to answer questions at their convenience. No scheduling necessary.
  3. Non-Contact Tours: Some companies like Bay Property Management Group are doing non-contact tours. A leasing agent will unlock the door before the showing and wait out-front for the touring parties to arrive. They’ll invite them to enter (with a non-handshake greeting). The agent will wait for prospects as they self-tour, answer any questions, and lock up after. Be sure to sanitize the property before and after these tours.
  4. Self-Showings: There are many self-showing options available for landlords, each with their own pros and cons.

When to Consider Hiring a Leasing Professional

Landlords with several properties or new landlords may want to consider hiring a York County property management company to help with the leasing process. An experienced property manager will know how to effectively market your rental property as well as to conduct tours and screen applicants. Bay Property Management Company York County offers full leasing and property management services to handle everything from property tours to rent collection and property inspections. Contact us today for a free rental analysis of your York County rental property.