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Rental Property Paint Tips for Cumberland County Landlords

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How to Paint a Rental Property in Cumberland County PA

Are you looking to paint your rental property in Cumberland, PA, but don’t know where to begin? Consider these painting tips to determine color, type, and application at your Cumberland County, PA investment property.

Choosing a Paint Color for Your Rental Property

White tends to be a standard color to use in rental properties, but consider all the options when deciding what color to paint your rental property. It provides a clean look and also is proven to make space seem larger. With that, it also gets visibly dirty quickly, and scuff and marks will appear more noticeable than other colors. If you decide you want to paint the property something other than white, be sure to go with something neutral so that tenants can easily imagine their belongings in the home.

Bright and “fun” colors may appeal to you, but the color is a very personal thing, and so sticking neutral is always best. Consider neutrals such as grey, beige, and cream. Offer the tenant an opportunity to change the color to their preference after move-in. You can specify in the lease that they are allowed to paint the home but must change it back to the original color before moving out. This will enable you to make the tenant happy, but not have to worry about re-painting every time someone moves out.

Best Paint Types for Rental Properties

There are plenty of brands out there for interior wall painting. Consider these painting tips when deciding which type of paint to use for your rental property.

  • Stain Proof: Find water-resistant paint and stain proof. Using cheap paint or paint that isn’t stain-proof will just cause you to have to re-paint often and possibly between each tenant.
  • Flat Paint or Satin Paint: Should you use flat paint or satin paint on your interior walls? Flat paint has a smooth look to it and is great for hiding blemishes or scuffs in the wall. However, satin paint is more durable and resistant to scrubbing. Satin paint does have some sheen to it, but if you go neutral, it should still look pretty tame.
  • Gloss or Semi-Gloss: This is the type of paint you will use on wood surfaces like trim or baseboards. Gloss paint is a good option for durability and toughness. However, if you want more of a shine to distinguish the trim from the walls, semi-gloss may be for you.

The options are endless, and the best thing you can do is to tell the hardware store precisely what you are looking for in regards to color, durability, shine, etc. They can help you find excellent long-lasting paint to put on the walls inside your rental property.

Steps to Paint a Rental Property

Our most significant piece of advice is to hire a painter if it is in your budget. This is the best way to ensure an even and well-done paint job that doesn’t end up anywhere it shouldn’t be (floors, light sockets, etc.). If hiring someone isn’t in the cards or you just prefer to do these things yourself, then be sure to follow do-it-yourself painting tips:

  1. Gather Materials: First, you need to purchase all the tools required for an interior painting project. These tools include; paint, paint roller and roller extension, sandpaper, paint tray, painters’ tape, and a putty knife.
  2. Prep the Room: Have the room prepped and ready to be painted. To prep the room, you will need to tape the edges of the room, corners, crown moldings, window cases, etc. Use the paint tape to do so and a putty knife to push the tape into place. Also, remove any outlet covers and use tape to seal those as well. Sand walls/rough spots, if needed, before applying any paint.
  3. Mix Paint: Mix the paint with a wooden stick. You can get these sticks at the hardware store while buying paint—Re-stir as needed throughout the painting process.
  4. Even Painting: Have a plan and stick to it. Of course, you will be painting with a roller and making strokes, but plan to start from top to bottom or bottom to top and one wall at a time. This is the best way to stay organized and keep the paint looking evenly applied.
  5. Ventilate the Room: Once the paint is on the walls, you will need to ventilate the room as paint fumes can be hazardous. Let the paint fully dry before deciding if it needs more coats.
  6. Re-paint As Needed: Re-paint if it isn’t dark enough or the paint is thin and suggests layering. There are paints made to allow for just one coat painting specifically, you can consider these for ease!

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