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How to Determine Landlord vs Tenant Responsibilities

landlord vs tenant responsibilities

When it comes to rental properties, both landlords and tenants have a number of responsibilities they must uphold. However, with so many things to take care of, it’s essential to determine who’s responsible for what. Today, we’ll review how to determine landlord vs tenant responsibilities and what can be negotiated in a lease agreement.  Contents […]

Can Landlords Apply Tenant Maintenance Charges?


Maintenance is an inevitable occurrence in any rental property. After all, your home requires maintenance, so your rental property is no different. Keeping up with maintenance tasks and encouraging renters to report issues is essential. If maintenance issues or damages go unacknowledged for too long, it can result in long-term rental damage. Can landlords charge […]

5 Tips for Landlords to Keep in Mind While Renting to Roommates

5 Tips for Landlords to Keep in Mind While Renting to Roommates

To get the most out of your rental business, you may find yourself renting to roommates sometimes. Renting to roommates has some benefits, like filling up vacant units quicker and having a wider range of tenants to rent to. Although it may seem like more of a hassle than renting to a family, we have […]

A Tenant’s Guide to Rental Property Maintenance Procedures

A Tenant's Guide to Rental Property Maintenance Procedures

Maintenance within a rental home is necessary for both landlords and tenants. Although landlords have many responsibilities within their rental properties, tenants must keep up with regular maintenance procedures to maintain a safe living space. With that, it’s imperative to outline landlord and tenant responsibilities clearly from the start.  Failure to state maintenance procedures for […]

Maintenance Responsibility: Tips for Tenants Renting Your Home

Renting a home comes with its fair share of benefits for tenants, one important one being minimal maintenance responsibilities. However, it is important that your Baltimore County tenants understand the role they play in rental home maintenance and know that some maintenance issues can and should be handled themselves. Although it is normally required that […]