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How to Add Upgrades to Increase Rental Value in Philadelphia

upgrades to increase value philadelphi

Sprucing up a tired rental does not have to be a costly renovation process. Renters these days have a ton of options on the market. How can you set your Center City investment property apart from the rest? Check out these easy and often DIY upgrades to increase rental value in your Philadelphia rental! How […]

6 Things Student Renters are Looking for in a Rental

student renters philadelphia

  Students can be a wonderful source of ongoing rental income, especially since many students either choose not to live on campus after their freshman year, or the campus simply does not provide enough student housing to meet the needs of all the students. If you have a well maintained rental property, near campus, or […]

The Key to Selecting the Right Property Manager in Philadelphia

selecting right property manager philadelphia

You did it! Your hard work has paid off – you finally saved enough money to invest in the property you have been eyeing. Now comes the difficult part, finding a property manager that you can entrust with your hard-earned investment. We understand what a struggle it can be vetting potential property managers and want […]

Should You Hire a Property Manager? (Hint: Yes!)

hire property manager philadelphia

If you’re a landlord, you’ve probably got a pretty full plate. Tasks like keeping up with maintenance, making sure units are filled, and collecting rent are all part of the job. But, what if it didn’t have to be? 4 Reasons to Hire a Philadelphia Property Manager If you’d like to take a step back […]

Dealing with Gen Z Renters in Philly and How to Attract Them

Dealing with Gen Z Renters in Philly and How to Attract Them

Gen Z is the current generation of young adults and teenagers with many entering the rental market. With that said, this generation takes up a good majority of the renters right now. It is essential to understand the Gen Z trends in the rental industry. Read on to learn more about dealing with Gen Z […]

Common Real Estate Tax Deductions for Philadelphia Landlords

tax deductions philadelphia landlords

Owning a rental property can be complicated and pricey. The good news is, unlike being a standard homeowner, there are tax deductions when owning a rental property. We always recommend that you hire a Philadelphia property management company or tax advisor to assist with adequately deducting these items. Learn more about what things are deductible […]

How to Obtain a Philadelphia Rental License

how to get a Philadelphia rental license

Do you need a rental license for your Philadelphia investment property? Obtaining a Philadelphia rental license requires several compliance items to get started, but Bay Property Management Group Philadelphia can guide you in the process. Things To Do Before the Rental License   There are items you will need in hand when you go to […]

Do My Tenants Have to Pay May Rent in Philadelphia Amid COVID-19?

pay rent may covid-19 philadelphia

Are you wondering if your tenants are required to pay May rent amid COVID-19? The short answer is yes, but the answer is more complicated. As of now, the “no eviction” policy will end at the end of April. However, an extension is likely, as much of the country is still on lockdown. This will […]

Should Philadelphia Landlords Collect First & Last Month’s Rent?

collect first and last months rent Philadelphia

As a Philadelphia landlord, you may be asking, “Should I collect first and last month’s rent?” Some landlords require first, last, and the security deposit, while others may just require first month’s rent and the security deposit. There are pros and cons to asking for first and last month’s rent. If you’re considering the best […]

Top 10  Philadelphia Landlord Eviction Mistakes To Avoid 

Eviction Mistakes to Avoid

Avoiding eviction mistakes is paramount for Philadelphia landlords. Evictions are complicated and if the laws and regulations aren’t followed to the tee, serious consequences can occur for landlords. Several common mistakes are easily avoidable, yet landlords and property managers continue to make them. Take a look at these ten common mistakes landlords make when evicting […]