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Top 5 Northern Virginia Neighborhoods for Commuters


Although we have experienced numerous challenges within the rental market over the past year, Northern Virginia remains a popular place to live. Many people throughout Northern Virginia neighborhoods commute to the United States capital regularly, whether for business or just sightseeing. Since Washington D.C. is such a popular place, people tend to rent homes in neighboring Northern Virginia cities. Keep reading to discover the top 5 Northern Virginia neighborhoods for commuters.

Top 5 Northern Virginia Neighborhoods For Commuters

  1. Alexandria
  2. Loudoun County
  3. Arlington
  4. The City of Fairfax
  5. Falls Church


If you want to live in a bustling business town, Alexandria is the place to be. Being just minutes away from the United States’ capital, there is a lot to see and do around Alexandria. That said, this town is also known for its accessibility, livability, and charm. You’ll find attractions ranging from independently owned small businesses to international investment firms and world-class higher education. 

Essentially, as you can tell, Alexandria has a lot to offer. Home to over 155,000 people, most love to reside here because of the high-tech infrastructure, central location, and modern lifestyle. 

Loudoun County

For people looking to live rurally with quick access to D.C., Loudoun County is a great option. This county is known for its unique scenery, deep history, cozy neighborhoods, and expanding business opportunities. 

There is a lot to do in this busy town, so check out neighborhoods in Loudoun County if you are the adventurous type. With over 405,000 residents in this area, locals enjoy exploring biking trails, shopping for treasures, or heading out for a weekend concert at a local winery or brewery. 

Top 5 Northern Virginia Neighborhoods for Commuters


Arlington is an up-and-coming place to live, drawing young professionals and families to its unique way of life. Newcomers in the area find housing options in the Cape Cods of Waverly Hills Historic District, townhouses of Fairlington, or high-rise mixed-use buildings in Rosslyn.

In addition, this area is notable because it’s close to D.C.’s main attractions, like the National Mall, and is connected by Metrorail, Metrobus, and Capital Bikeshare.

The City of Fairfax

Known as the epicenter of Northern Virginia’s cultural and economic activity, the City of Fairfax has been ranked a top 10 place to live by USA Today. This ranking is based on education, poverty levels, and life expectancy. 

This bustling town offers high-quality suburban life with quick and convenient access to Washington, D.C. Not only that, but it’s home to many of the nation’s best private and public education options and attractions for families to enjoy. 

Falls Church

If you’re looking for an area that brings a “small-town living” feel to it, Falls Church is a great place to live. Dating back to the 1600s, this town is commonly known as the Little City. It’s known for its nationally ranked schools, fun community activities, and environmental activism. 

You may find yourself in Falls Church if you’re looking to catch a show at the historic State Theater. Other everyday activities for this area include shopping at many local downtown shops.

Commute Times to D.C. From Northern Virginia

You may have a few questions now that you know of the best neighborhoods to commute to D.C. from. First, how long does it take to get to D.C. from these Northern Virginia neighborhoods? 

Along with that, you should consider the different modes of transportation. In this area, people are most commonly walking to D.C., driving to the D.C. airport, or simply driving to D.C. to explore the city. So if you want to know how long it’ll take to get to D.C. from popular commuter towns, keep reading. 

Top 5 Northern Virginia Neighborhoods for Commuters

Alexandria to Washington D.C.

Being one of the most accessible towns, getting to Washington D.C. from Alexandria is a breeze. Here is what type of travel you should prepare for while making plans in this Northern Virginia neighborhood.

  • Walking: While the Alexandria community is decently walkable, most commutes require a vehicle.
  • Driving: To get to D.C. from Alexandria, it’ll take around 18-20 minutes. 
  • Distance to the nearest airport: To get to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport from Alexandria, it’s about a 10-minute drive. 

Loudoun County to Washington D.C.

While Loudoun County is still reasonably close to Washington D.C., the commute from this town is a bit farther than others on our list. However, the comfortable neighborhoods and unique attractions make up for the distance. So if you are in Loudoun County and want to visit Washington D.C., here’s what your commute might look like:

  • Walking: In Loudoun County, you may want to rely on vehicle transportation. Walking is great for around the city, but take a vehicle if you’re traveling to Washington D.C.
  • Driving: It’s around a 1-hour drive to Washington D.C. from Loudoun County.
  • Distance to the nearest airport: To get to Dulles International Airport, it’s around a 30-minute drive. 

Arlington to Washington D.C.

Since Arlington is right across the Potomac River from downtown Washington D.C., it’s quite easy to travel there from this location. In fact, this community as a whole is very walkable. Here’s what your commute to the capital may look like.

  • Walking: Since the town is very walkable, you can easily access the city on foot. Walk score gives Arlington an 87 for walkability. 
  • Driving: You can expect an 18-20 minute drive to D.C. from Arlington.
  • Distance to the nearest airport: It’ll take around 10 minutes to drive to DCA. 

The City of Fairfax to Washington D.C.

Most things in the City of Fairfax are accessible by walking. As a result, Walk Score gave it an 88. Here’s what your commute looks like otherwise in this city.

  • Driving: Plan for around a 30-minute drive to Washington D.C. from The City of Fairfax. 
  • Distance to the nearest airport: To get to DCA, it’ll be around a 25-minute drive. If you’re flying out of IAD, it’ll take around 20 minutes to get there. 

Top 5 Northern Virginia Neighborhoods for Commuters

Falls Church to Washington D.C.

Most of the attractions in Falls Church are in the downtown area. Luckily for residents and visitors, it’s just a short walk from the cozy neighborhoods to Downtown West Falls Church. That said, here’s what your commute to D.C. may look like.

  • Walking: The Falls Church community is exceptionally walkable, and their Walk Score of 93 proves it.
  • Driving: If you’re driving from Falls Church to D.C., you can expect around a 20-minute drive. 
  • Distance to the nearest airport: It’ll take around 15 minutes to arrive at DCA while driving to IAD will take around 20. 

What Makes a Good Rental in Northern Virginia?

Good rentals are found in safe, accessible, and bustling locations with businesses. These Northern Virginia neighborhoods are great places to start looking if you need a rental home within a short distance of Washington D.C. That said, whether you work there or simply love the city life, you can commute to the capital quickly from many locations.

If you need help finding a rental home in the area, contact Bay Property Management Group. Our dedicated team of professionals works with tenants across Northern Virginia to find rental homes to best suit their needs. That said, whether you are searching for a place to live in the area or a property owner looking for a full-service management team, contact BMG today to get started.