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Less Than 1% Eviction Rate
Avg. Time Rental Is on Market 23 Days

Growth, Expansion, and Investing in Employees at BMG

Growth, Expansion, and Investing in Employees at BMG

For over a decade, Bay Property Management Group has helped owners achieve their rental investment goals through comprehensive third-party representation. What began as a small firm specializing in single-family rentals has quickly expanded. Today, BMG serves clients across Maryland, Southern Pennsylvania, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia. With over 5,300 units under management, BMG could not achieve success without our carefully selected team of 130 employees. We believe high-quality staff is crucial to providing a top-notch customer experience. So, join us below as we highlight a few examples of how we are investing in loyal employees along with exciting new growth at BMG.

Investing in Loyal Employees at Bay Property Management Group

At Bay Property Management Group, we value the experienced and loyal team we have built over the years. In fact, much of our success is due to the contributions of dedicated employees. Thus, by utilizing their varied backgrounds, they help our company grow. Through our Employee Spotlight, BMG introduced many of the employees that keep operations running smoothly. So, join us below to highlight a few employees who continue to grow within the BMG family.

Chelsea Lewis

From Regional Property Manager to Senior Director of Property Management

In July 2021, Chelsea Lewis, the former Regional Property Manager for our Baltimore office, took on a new role. She now proudly serves as the Senior Director of Property Management. Chelsea’s extensive industry experience and impeccable customer service play a vital role in the success of her new position. Each day, Chelsea oversees management operations in both our Baltimore and Northern Virginia offices. Additionally, she fosters vendor relationships within the company and ensures that all compliance items remain current.

When asked what she likes most about her role, Chelsea replied – “I love the fact that my opinion matters! I am asked for my input often when working to improve company efficiency and am a valuable part of the decision-making process.”

Dawn Ward

From Assistant PM to Assistant Controller

Dawn has more than 24 years’ experience in the property management industry. However, 2 years ago she became a valuable part of Bay Property Management Group. Her dedicated work ethic and attention to detail eventually led her to the accounting department. Earlier this year, Dawn received a well-deserved promotion to the Assistant Controller for BMG. In her new role, Dawn processes owner payments, check requests, owner credits, and sets up accounts for new property management agreements. In addition, she takes the time to train and mentor the other staff in the accounting department which serves all locations of the company.

When asked what she loves most about her role, Dawn replied – “I love working with numbers. BMG is a great company to work for and I like that they try to promote within. Everyone is supportive and encouraging.”

Marketing Assistant and SEO Content ContributorAlyssa Bishop

From Leasing Administrator to Marketing Assistant and SEO Content Contributor

Alyssa joined the BMG Baltimore office in 2017 as the Leasing Administrator. There, she supported the leasing agents and upper management with various administrative tasks. Alyssa’s varied experience in accounting and property insurance helped her streamline and improve processes throughout the department. As the company expanded, Alyssa moved to a Marketing role to create written and visual online content. In addition, Alyssa uses her artistic background to promote the company through printed marketing materials.

When asked what she likes most about her role, Alyssa replied – “Bay Property Management Group has provided the opportunity for me to use what I love to do best – graphic design – to help promote and grow the company. At BMG, you feel as though you are part of the team and directly linked to its overall success.”

Compliance Auditor for the Baltimore OfficeKhen Capili

From Leasing Administrator to Compliance Auditor for the Baltimore Office  

After previously working as a Senior Healthcare Account Specialist, Khen made the jump to real estate. She joined the BMG Baltimore team approximately 18 months ago. Her administrative experience and attention to detail made her an invaluable part of the leasing department. So, it was no surprise when Khen received a promotion to Compliance Auditor earlier this year. That said, this role has Khen auditing bank statements, conducting fraud reviews, and verifying renewal licenses, just to name a few.

When asked what she likes most about her role, Khen replied – “The growth and the people are all part of why I love working for BMG. Leadership makes employees feel valued, which serves as motivation to do my best every day. There are many opportunities for career growth, and I am always up for the challenge.”

Director of Business Development for Northern VirginiaWynn Geis

From Leasing Agent to Director of Business Development for Northern Virginia

In 2020, Wynn graduated from Stevenson University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. That same year, he joined the BMG Laurel office as a leasing agent. Over the past year, Wynn spent time following up on leads, conducting showings, working to get applications approved, creating leases, verifying utility accounts, and conducting inspections. His commitment to go above and beyond for property owners led to a new opportunity for Wynn. He will now transition into the role of Director of Business Development for Northern Virginia. Wynn will work closely with owners to prepare them for the rental process. In addition, he handles onboarding new clients throughout Northern Virginia and surrounding counties.

When asked what he likes most about his role, Wynn replied – “I enjoy the flexibility of my work schedule and the excitement that each new deal brings. The needs of individual properties, owners, or tenants vary widely, which presents unique challenges every day.”

Megan Schofield

From Property Manager to Director of Property Management – Baltimore  

Megan is no stranger to the property management industry and is the definition of a team player. Her unwavering commitment to customer service and support of her coworkers led to a promotion in July 2021. Megan transitioned from her role as a property manager to Director of Property Management at our Baltimore office. In her new role, she oversees a team of 19 and spends her days running reports, checking invoices, and updating spreadsheets. She also meets one on one with property managers, oversees new projects, and completes many other administrative tasks.

When asked what she likes most about her role, Megan replied – “I enjoy being able to train, support, and mentor our property management team. I also love learning new things and being able to further my knowledge in the property management industry. Every day is different, and it is never a dull moment.”

Christopher Swade

From Senior Property Manager to Director of Property Management – Laurel/Washington DC 

Christopher has extensive experience in manufacturing as a structural welder and maintenance mechanic. However, after nearly a decade in this field, he made the jump to an exciting career in real estate. He has a long history of rising through the ranks and being a go-to resource for his fellow coworkers. So, when Christopher joined the Bay Property Management Group Laurel office as a property manager, it did not take long for him to excel. His commitment to customer service, eye for detail, and keen ability to problem-solve led to his recent promotion. We are happy to announce that Christopher is now the Directory of Property Management for our Laurel and Washington DC locations. Thus, he is able to further use his skills to train and support the property management team in providing the best possible service to our clients.

Nichole Shahverdi

From Leasing Administrator to Marketing Director

Nichole has extensive experience in retail management, real estate, and the property management industry. After making the move to Bay Property Management Group as a Leasing Administrator, Nichole’s unique skills for streamlining processes proved to be a valuable asset to the department. Her ability to take charge and support the team eventually led to Nichole being promoted to the Director of Leasing. In this role, she oversaw the leasing agents and support staff while assisting upper management in companywide projects. In 2020, the rapid growth of Bay Property Management Group created a new opportunity for in-house marketing. Nichole was then promoted to the Director of Marketing and has started the department from the ground up which now creates visual, written, video, and other online content for all company locations.

Expanding Our Services to Northern Virginia

Bay Property Management Group proudly serves owners throughout Maryland, Southern Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and most recently – Northern Virginia! We have extended our commitment to helping owners succeed in the rental industry to clients in Arlington, Fairfax, Henrico, Loudoun, and Prince William counties.

Expanding Our Services to Northern VirginiaThanks to our skilled staff, Bay Management can provide comprehensive rental solutions unmatched in the Northern Virginia area. Successful third-party management relies on a keen understanding of the unique challenges both tenants and owners face. BMG’s proven track record means owners can rest assured that we put their interests first. Let’s take a look at what sets Bay Property Management Group apart from the competition below.

What Sets Bay Property Management Group Apart?

  • Top-Notch Customer Service – Offering 24/7 support, including handling after-hours maintenance emergencies.
  • Competitive Property Management Fees – Bay Property Management Group Northern Virginia has some of the lowest property management fees in the area.
  • 6 Month Tenant Warranty – Our targeted marketing strategies and applicant screening attract top-quality renters. However, if a tenant we place needs to be evicted within the first six months, we’ll re-lease the property free of charge.
  • Experts in the Local Market – Locally owned and operated offices mean our team has the skills and knowledge necessary to help rental owners in Northern Virginia thrive.
  • A Full-Service Approach – BMG handles all day-to-day operations, specializing in full-service property management, including marketing, applicant screening, compliance, inspections, and maintenance.

Rental Management Solutions Owners Can Rely On

Across all offices, Bay Property Management Group uses the latest technology and techniques to help owners succeed and become profitable in the rental industry. Additionally, this includes convenient cloud-based owner portals that offer real-time updates at the touch of a button. Thus, allowing owners to stay up to date on their investment from anywhere and at any time. In addition, your dedicated property manager can easily share documents and complete accounting functions with ease. So, to learn more about our team or to inquire about obtaining high-quality rental management for your portfolio in Northern Virginia or the surrounding counties, give us a call today.