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Should Landlords Allow Tenants to AirBnb Their Properties?


Most property management companies in Baltimore do everything they can to find good tenants and protect their rental properties. That said, becoming a landlord undeniably poses both risks and benefits. One landlord-tenant scenario that has pros and cons is subletting for Airbnb.  Sometimes, tenants go out of town or need to end a lease early, […]

What is Subletting? What Every Landlord Needs to Know

What is a Subletting Policy and Why Every Landlord Needs One

Finding the right tenant for your rental property could prove to be a tedious process. After going to all of that effort, what happens when the tenant skips town, leaving your apartment sublet to someone else? What could easily become a landlord’s worst nightmare is also an avoidable situation. Join us below as we explain […]

The Landlord’s Guide to Subleasing Rental Properties

In the past, we have discussed ways to protect your rental investments from tenants who use your rental property on marketplaces such as Airbnb as a way to sublet your home. But have you put any thought into general subleasing options and how that may affect your rental property business? Today we will look at what exactly subleasing a […]