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Is Taking on Lease Cosigner Responsibilities Right for Me?

Is Taking on Lease Cosigner Responsibilities Right for Me?

Renting an apartment is an exciting but potentially overwhelming new adventure. But what happens if your child, friend, relative, or acquaintance does not quite meet the minimum screening qualifications. In that case, they may ask you to be a cosigner. While this can seem like an automatic yes for some, individuals must understand their obligations. […]

Rental Property Maintenance Responsibilities for Tenants and Landlords

Rental Property Maintenance Responsibilities for Tenants and Landlords

Maintenance repairs present an inconvenience for both landlords and tenants. As such, preventative maintenance tasks are essential to preventing costly and frustrating repairs. But when it comes to the lease, who is responsible for what? Not clearly outlining tenant responsibilities for maintenance from the start can lead to disputes and even more headaches than the […]

6 Tips to Successfully Showing a Rental Property

  Facilitating property tours for prospective tenants is an essential part of being a landlord. In fact, this step in the process is just as crucial as marketing to and screening potential renters. Most landlords realize that showing their property in the best possible light is crucial. Sometimes a deep clean, staging furniture, or boosting […]

How to Create Rental Prorate Policies and Calculate Prorated Rent

One of the most exciting times for landlords is when you have secured a tenant, and they are ready to move in! Now begins the process of completing the lease, collecting the security deposit, and obtaining the first month’s rent. However, if you are not lucky enough to have tenants move in on the first […]

Questions Tenants and Landlords Should Ask Before Renting an Apartment

Questions Tenants and Landlords Should Ask Before Renting an Apartment

Renting an apartment is a costly and emotional process. As a tenant, you want to do everything you can to ensure a confident decision. So, how do you know landlords have been upfront with all the details that are important to you? The answer is to ask the right questions! While the rental ad may […]

The Lease Agreement Deconstructed

If you have ever leased an apartment or home, you will likely be familiar with the lease agreement that was signed by both you and the landlord. Yet, have you ever thought about the actual components that make up a lease agreement? If you have not, and are thinking about using your Harford County home […]

The Most Common Lease Clauses Explained

Once your Bethesda property management company has found a suitable tenant for your rental home, and you have agreed on the terms and conditions of the lease, it is time to place those terms on paper in the form of a legally binding contract.This contract, also known as the lease agreement, is a formality that […]

The Many Faces of Lease Agreements

As a Washington, D.C. rental property owner, you agree to lease your rental home to tenants, for an agreed upon amount of time.  This lease agreement establishes the relationship between landlord and tenant and many times involves the help of a D.C. property management company.With a signed lease agreement, the tenant receives legal possession of […]

10 Questions to Answer Before Your Tenant Asks

Entering into a lease agreement with a tenant is not something to take lightly. Lease agreements are legally binding contracts, holding both tenant and landlord to any and all conditions of tenancy once signed, so as long as they do not conflict with any state or local laws. As a landlord, it is your responsibility […]