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Monthly Archives: June 2021

Is the Mixed-Use Real Estate Investment Trend Right for You?


One real estate investment trend on the rise is mixed-use properties. Typically, these properties have a combination of residential, retail, or commercial ventures in one building. In recent years, this type of development has become commonplace in many urban areas. However, for investors familiar with traditional residential management, is gambling on mixed-use the right move? […]

How to Stage a Rental Property and Is it Worth the Trouble?

How to Stage a Rental Property and Is it Worth the Trouble?

Most people have heard of staging homes for sale – but what about homes for rent? Staging a rental property is a step often overlooked by landlords. Whether it is cost-prohibitive or just viewed as unnecessary, most property owners think their home will attract enough quality applicants without it. However, keep in mind that renters […]

Everything You Need to Know About Painting a Rental Property

Everything You Need to Know About Painting a Rental Property

When it comes to return on investment, it is hard to beat a freshly painted rental interior. That said, many landlords are unsure how much something like a paint refresh should cost. Moreover, how often does a rental need a complete repaint? Finally, which paint is the best to mitigate the added wear and tear […]

How COVID is Changing Landlord-Tenant Laws

Navigating the Changing COVID Landlord-Tenant Laws in Virginia

It is safe to say that the COVID-19 pandemic changed the rental industry in many ways. While some regulations were in response to the economic and public health crisis, many restrictions and questions still linger now that things are returning to normal. Landlords across the United States have struggled to keep up with mounting back […]

4 Negative Landlord Stereotypes and How You Can Avoid Them

One does not have to look hard to find negative posts, reviews, and forum threads about bad landlords. In fact, it is easy to understand why a person who a landlord has mistreated would negatively stereotype them. That said, there are plenty of ways landlords can mistreat tenants, such as overcharging, neglecting maintenance, ignoring phone […]

Mark Your Calendar: Summer Activities in Baltimore County

Mark Your Calendar for These Summer Activities in Baltimore County

The weather is heating up, COVID restrictions are easing, and summer fun is back in Baltimore County. Whether you hope to see your favorite band or find activities for the whole family, the coming months have plenty to offer. So, to help fill your calendar, check out this list of summer activities in Baltimore below. […]

Employee Spotlight – Samin Alam, Leasing Specialist BMG DC

Employee Spotlight - Samin Alam, Leasing Specialist BMG Laurel

At Bay Property Management Group, we are property management professionals focused on customer service. Furthermore, our goal is to make property ownership both a pleasurable and profitable experience for our clients. We know that our success is due to our awesome team members and how they each contribute something special to our property management company. […]

The Worst States for Landlords Across the United States

The Worst States for Landlords Across the United States

One of the biggest decisions that landlords make is where to invest in rental property. Along with researching the local markets, it is important to realize that some states tend to favor landlords. Historically, Northern states benefit renters while Southern states tend to side with property owners. That said, owners must consider several factors such […]

3 Tips for Dealing with Landlord/Tenant Confrontations

Sadly, confrontation is occasionally a given part of being a landlord. Furthermore, understanding how to deal with confrontation professionally and effectively does not always come naturally to rental owners. In fact, dealing with confrontation is something most people try to avoid at all costs. However, if you do not already employ the area’s best property […]

Landlord’s Guide to Furnished vs. Unfurnished Apartments

Landlord Guide to Furnished vs. Unfurnished Apartments

The short- and long-term rental markets continue to be a booming industry with plenty of opportunities for savvy investors. However, when it comes to making your rental stand out, many owners are left wondering – to furnish or not to furnish?  When it comes to deciding between furnished vs. unfurnished units, weighing the pros and […]