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4 Negative Landlord Stereotypes and How You Can Avoid Them

One does not have to look hard to find negative posts, reviews, and forum threads about bad landlords. In fact, it is easy to understand why a person who a landlord has mistreated would negatively stereotype them. That said, there are plenty of ways landlords can mistreat tenants, such as overcharging, neglecting maintenance, ignoring phone […]

What Type of Landlord Are You? How The Answer May Affect Your ROI!

What Type of Landlord Are You? How The Answer May Affect Your ROI!

  Whether you have been in the game for decades or find yourself a sudden accidental landlord, there are always new things to learn. How can you become the best landlord you can be and, in turn, maximize your profits? Well, we are here to help! In any business, understanding your strengths and weaknesses is […]

Do You Have What it Takes to be a Stellar Landlord?

Becoming a Prince George’s County landlord is simple.  Buy a property, place some tenants, collect rent, and call yourself a landlord.  Right? Wrong. Though at its core being a landlord is exactly that, the truth is there is much more to being a PG County landlord, especially if you want to be successful. You must […]