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Employee Spotlight – Samin Alam, Leasing Specialist BMG DC

Employee Spotlight - Samin Alam, Leasing Specialist BMG Laurel

At Bay Property Management Group, we are property management professionals focused on customer service. Furthermore, our goal is to make property ownership both a pleasurable and profitable experience for our clients. We know that our success is due to our awesome team members and how they each contribute something special to our property management company.

Therefore, we are initiating our Employee Spotlight to help you get to know more about our talented employees and how their unique backgrounds and expertise help us stay a “cut above the rest.” Today, we are proud to introduce Samin ‘Sam’ Alam, Leasing Specialist for Bay Property Management Group, in our Laurel office. Read on to discover all about Sam, his professional background, and what he enjoys most about working here at Bay Property Management Group.

Meet Samin ‘Sam’ Alam, Leasing Specialist

Sam is the newest team member to join Bay Property Management Group of Laurel and is a welcome addition to the company as a Leasing Specialist. However, Sam already has plenty of industry experience. After graduating from UMBC with a BS and minor in economics and writing, Sam worked in retail banking. After that, his career moved into managing an Estate Unit for one of the largest investment companies in the world. From there, he went on to run his family’s business focused on real estate, retail, and passive income opportunities.

A Day in the Life of a Leasing Specialist

Working as a leasing specialist is never the same day twice, which keeps the job exciting. His main role is to find tenants a new rental home through BMG’s vast list of properties. Additionally, Sam provides exemplary service to landlords while creating a seamless leasing and move-in process for tenants. Typically, one can find Sam working from his home office. From there, he spends the vast majority of his day running reports, following up on emails, responding to tenant inquiries, marketing properties, and using his skills to fill vacancies efficiently. When asked what his favorite part of her job was, Sam responded:

“My favorite part is helping landlords to maximize profits and limit expenses by filling vacancies as promptly as possible.”

Why Sam Loves Bay Property Management Group

According to Sam, what sets Bay Property Management Group apart is the people. The dedicated team at BMG is a very organized, motivated, and intelligent group of people striving to do the best for our clients every day. Thanks to our commitment to responsiveness and diligent follow-up, we deliver a top-notch experience for both homeowners and tenants.  His best piece of advice for those considering this field is to be prompt, pay attention, and remain consistent. Furthermore, organization is key to making the job a lot more efficient and fun.

Getting to Know Sam Outside of the Office

When you’re not in the office, what do you like to do?I thoroughly enjoy time with my family and friends. Also, traveling, learning, cigars, and watching or playing sports.

What is something off your bucket list?To actually VISIT, not drive through all 50 states in America. Currently, I have visited 39 so far.

If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would you want to meet and why? Michael Jordan- I admire his business savvy, intensity, and competitiveness. Besides, picking his brain would be a dream.

What is the best book you have ever read?The Firm by John Grisham

If you could dis-invent one thing, what would it be?Gas-powered vehicles. They do more harm than good from a macro perspective.

What three words best describe you?Honest, Free willed, and Joyful

Bay Property Management Group Laurel is a full-service property management company here to help you with all your residential and multi-family property needs. Our business is strictly property management, so our specialization enables us to serve you better. Contact BMG today to learn more about our property management services and speak to one of our fantastic employees like Sam.