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Understanding Rent Control: How It Affects Rent Increases

Finding affordable housing can be challenging, especially if you’re looking for a rental. Combining a high rental rate with utilities and other living expenses becomes problematic and even unrealistic for many people. In fact, the costs associated with renting are the reason many people seek out rent-controlled housing. Today, we will review the importance of […]

The Worst States for Landlords Across the United States


One of the biggest decisions that landlords make is where to invest in rental property. Along with researching the local markets, it is important to realize that some states tend to favor landlords. Historically, Northern states benefit renters while Southern states tend to side with property owners. That said, owners must consider several factors such […]

The Changing Landscape of Rent Control In Washington DC

The Changing Landscape of Rent Control In Washington DC

Anyone who has lived in some of the larger cities across the US understands that affordable housing is not always easy to find. It may surprise some landlords and tenants that over 180 cities in the US enforce some type of rent control or rent stabilization. One of these locations is the nation’s capital, Washington […]