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Understanding Rent Control: How It Affects Rent Increases

Finding affordable housing can be challenging, especially if you’re looking for a rental. Combining a high rental rate with utilities and other living expenses becomes problematic and even unrealistic for many people. In fact, the costs associated with renting are the reason many people seek out rent-controlled housing. Today, we will review the importance of […]

How Much Should You Spend on Rent: A Guide for Tenants


In the midst of unpredictable real estate prices and high-interest rates, many people are choosing to rent instead of buying homes. However, that poses the question–how much should you spend on rent? If you’re trying to save money by renting instead of purchasing real estate, you’ll want to ensure you’re actually getting a deal. So, […]

Negotiating Rent with Your Landlord: Tips for Tenants


Rent prices are ever-changing, but nowadays, rates just seem to be going up. However, what if there’s a way you can work with your landlord to find a favorable rate for everyone? Negotiating rent with your landlord is an option that most people don’t consider, although it’s a viable strategy. If you want tips on […]

How Much Should You Increase Rent Each Year?

Owning and operating rental properties is quite costly. After all, you have to consider taxes, utilities, and property management services. Unfortunately, these costs go up over time, leaving landlords with even higher expenses. To compensate for rising costs, landlords may have to increase rent each year. However, it’s essential to know the laws and proper […]

When Will Rent Prices Go Down? 2022 Rental Market Trends


Anyone currently renting or looking to rent a property knows that rental prices are volatile and constantly changing. As of right now, rent prices are pretty high, and they continue to increase as inflation goes up. So, this leaves renters wondering—When will rent prices go down? Keep reading as we go over why rental prices […]

Tips for Pricing Your Rental Property in a Competitive Market


Setting the right price for your rental property is a massive part of running a successful rental business. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Pricing a rental property fairly takes time, research, and resources. After all, you don’t want to miss out on profits by either setting your rent too low or too […]

Understanding Rental Property Pricing in a Seller’s Market

Understanding Rental Property Pricing in a Seller's Market

Housing prices continue to soar in many areas as supply still struggles to keep up with demand. This increased demand and low supply creates a strong seller’s market within the real estate industry – but where does this leave rentals? The truth is, the rental market does take some cues from the housing market. Therefore, […]