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Bathroom Revamp Without the Costly Renovation

Bathroom Revamp Tips from a Rental Property Management Company


Bathrooms, like kitchens, sell homes. Buyers and renters alike want to have updated and stylish spaces to call their own. That said, these areas are some of the most expensive in a home to renovate. If you are a landlord or Baltimore County rental property management company on a budget, how do you know what upgrades matter? Read on as we discuss how to revamp a bathroom without the costly and time-consuming renovations!

Budget-friendly Tips to Update a Bath Without Renovating

Even on a budget, landlords can make a significant impact on the overall appeal of their rental property’s bathrooms. Before you start, research up-to-date design trends and various materials that can make your job more efficient. Check out these ideas below and see how significant impact doesn’t need an equally big budget.

  1. Fresh Paint: This may seem simple but freshening up dingy walls or even wall tiles (yes, there is a unique paint designed for wall tiles) can make all the difference. Know your target market; renters in Parkville, for example, might prefer a clean and modern neutral such as grey. If your rental is in an artsy community, bold and bright may be the better choice.
  2. Update Fixtures and Hardware: Not much gives away a bathroom’s age faster than dated fixtures. Consider investing in a sleek and modern faucet, upgraded showerhead, or new vanity light for an instant facelift. Similarly, vanity hardware can be swapped out to create a different look. The overall impact is worth the elbow grease.
  3. Install Shelving: Storage is always a plus in any room, but particularly the bathroom. Consider popular mixed media options such as industrial pipe holders with open timber shelving to add character to any drab bathroom. These are readily available supplies from local hardware stores and even Amazon.
  4. Paint the Vanity: Just like updating hardware, changing a vanity’s finish can completely change the look of a bathroom. Don’t be afraid to go bold and choose a vibrant accent color such as teal, black, or blue.
  5. Swap Out the Mirror: Vanity mirrors offer a unique opportunity to set the style tone of a bath. Older homes may have precut mirrors with deteriorating edges. Freshen the room up with a new mirror readily available at hardware stores, home accent stores, and yes, even on Amazon.

Worth the Money Tips for Making Your Bathroom More Appealing

Some things are just worth spending a little extra on; bathrooms are one. Depending on the age and condition of your bathrooms, consider investing in the recommendations below. These help you put your best foot forward while appealing to potential tenants.

  • Deep Cleaning: A bathroom should be clean enough to sparkle; anything less may put off potential renters. The most efficient way to achieve deep cleaning is to hire a professional. Expert cleaners can take your bath from ordinary to extraordinary by removing layered dirt and grime regular cleaning products may leave behind. Although this is an investment, it is well worth it in the long run.
  • Refinish the Bathtub: Water damage and stains can appear over time in your shower and bathtub, making the bathroom appear old and unkempt. While deep cleaning may remove a lot of these stains or dirt, it might not be enough. So, if stains remain, investing in fiberglass refinishing may be the way to go. This option is less expensive than replacing or covering the tub and shower while still providing a looks like a new result in a fraction of the time.


Bathrooms in your rental home don’t have to become a financial burden. Follow these few simple tips to revamping your bath without costly renovations. Still unsure what is best for your property? Reach out to a trusted Rental Property Management Company in Parkville or Baltimore County and let us guide you with our full-service approach to management. Bay Property Management Group Baltimore County offers full-service property managers who will guide you through everything from bathroom upgrades to rent collection.