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Top 10 Upgrades to Attract Quality Tenants and Increase ROI

upgrades to increase ROI

  Success in the rental industry depends on many factors, one of which is attracting great tenants. Adding to a rental property’s value through upgrades benefits both owners and tenants. So, how do you know which upgrades will produce the best return on investment? Join us below as we discuss the top upgrades that both […]

How to Turn a Rental Property into a Home with Temporary Décor

How to Turn a Rental Property into a Home with Temporary Décor

Rental homes are a blank slate. It is best for landlords to offer broad appeal with neutral tones and minimal personal touches to appeals to the masses. However, for the tenant moving in, how can they add their style without risking damage or loss of their security deposit? Thanks to modern materials, a cozy home […]

Tips to Make Your DC Rental Property More Appealing

rental property tips

The rental market is a competitive one, and therefore offering a stylish and modern rental is key to your success. Even occupied properties can benefit from some simple upgrades to boost appeal and value. But just because you hear the word upgrades does not automatically have to mean costly. Careful selection of durable materials along […]

Bathroom Revamp Without the Costly Renovation

bathroom revamp without renovation

  Bathrooms, like kitchens, sell homes. Buyers and renters alike want to have updated and stylish spaces to call their own. That said, these areas are some of the most expensive in a home to renovate. If you are a landlord or Baltimore County rental property management company on a budget, how do you know […]

8 Foolproof Ways to Boost the Value of Your Rental Property

As housing prices continue to increase, the time to capitalize on the value of your property is now. The question is: How? Appraisals are based on recent sales prices of comparable properties. They’re also meant to be coldly objective. The square footage, amenities, materials used in building, and the condition it’s in all figure into […]

How to Lower Tenant Turnover Rates

How to Lower Tenant Turnover Rates

One of the most important jobs of a property management company is to keep residents for as long as possible. Any time a property is vacant, the owner is losing money. Every time a tenant renews his or her lease, the landlord, management company, and occupants all benefit. You need to work hard to set […]