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The Top 10 Pest Control Companies For Your Philly Rental

Top 10 Pest Control Companies In Philly

Philadelphia is a huge city, filled with thousands of pest control professionals. And, since most pest control companies provide similar services, it can be difficult to know which one to hire.

That’s why we set out to research some of the very best pest control companies in the Philly region so you don’t have to.

We looked at things such as experience, reputation, reviews, and even cost to make sure you get the best service and deal possible, should you need to enlist the help of a professional pest control specialist.

In the end, we came up with 10 exceptional pest control companies for you to reference if you ever find yourself with a pest infestation in your rental property.


10 Pest Control Companies to Consider for Your Rental Property

1. A. Amendt

Founded in 1955, A. Amendt boasts being a family owned and operated pest control company that seeks to provide prompt, reliable, and consistent pest control management services. Specializing in termite, bed bug, and general pest control, A. Amendt employs highly trained technicians that are state-certified and ready to take on any pest infestation issues you may be having.

With A. Amendt you can expect the following:

  • Certified technicians on-hand that are up to date with the latest pest control technology and techniques
  • Dependable pest management that overcomes even the most difficult pest problems
  • Emergency and on-call pest services that come with thorough inspections and quick solutions

One unique thing that sets A. Amendt apart from other pest control companies, is the use of their trusted bed bug dog, Quincy. That, paired with free estimates, on-going, emergency, or single service plans, and professional technicians dedicated to keeping your rental property pest-free, guarantees that you can’t go wrong with A. Amendt.


2. The Aardvark Pest Management

Pest Control in Philadelphia

The Aardvark Pest Management specializes in pest control and extermination for healthcare facilities, educational institutions, offices, and residential properties, including rental properties. In business for over 20 years, the pest control professionals at The Aardvark Pest Management have the skills to eradicate any pest problem you have.

Here is what you can expect when hiring The Aardvark Pest Management:

  • Use of practical, pesticide-free solutions whenever possible in an attempt to remain eco-friendly
  • A perfect balance between pest identification and pest management skills
  • Aardvark founder, Marty Overline, is the only ACE Certified exterminator in Philly

With Overline also holding firm onto his position as Governor of the Pennsylvania Pest Management Association for Southeastern Pennsylvania, you can bet he ensures his employees have the highest levels of certifications and that their pest management education is ongoing. Aardvark is a state-of-the-art operation that stays on top of mastering the modern techniques of pest control.


3. Philadelphia Pest Control Solutions

For over 17 years, Pest Control Solutions has successfully eliminated termites, wildlife, rodents, roaches, and bed bugs. They are so great at what they do, they even receive recommendations from other pest control professionals in the area when facing difficult pests.

With Pest Control Solutions, you get:

  • A variety of extermination methods, depending on your individual situation
  • Termite inspections for both residential properties and real estate transactions
  • Affordable wildlife removal using the exclusion method and possible wildlife relocation

In the end, Pest Control Solutions offers rental property owners affordable and reliable removal services that will have your investment property pest-free in no time.


4. Green Pest Solutions

Green Pest Solutions understands that families live in the homes they inspect and treat. That’s why minimizing their use of harmful pesticides, and allowing Mother Nature to assist with pest removal is their main goal.

Green Pest Solutions’ best qualities include:

  • Over 100 years combined experience in the pest control industry, with technicians having certifications in multiple categories
  • Competitive pricing in the tri-state area
  • A 4.6 out of 5 star rating (or better) on review sites such as Angie’s List, Yelp, Home Advisor, and the BBB

Green Pest Solutions is a highly professional pest control company that hires only highly qualified extermination technicians to enter your rental property and rid it of annoying pests. The skill and expertise of Green Pest Solutions is evident in its many awards including 2016 Angie’s List Super Service Award, 2017 Best Pick for Post and Termite Control by Best Pick Reports, 2017 Philly.com Reader’s Choice , 2017 People Love Us on Yelp Award, and many more.


5. Ehrlich Pest Control

Hiring Pest Control Company in Philly

Ehrlich Pest Control employs 23 Pennsylvania-licensed exterminators with an impressive 300 years combined experience in pest control management. Understanding that Philly has a diverse pest problem, their highly trained specialists are equipped to deal with any pest issue, big or small.

With Ehrlich Pest Control, you receive:

  • Individualized pest identification and treatment plans to reduce the health and financial threats pests pose
  • Innovative pest control solutions tapping into the root of the problem, not just the surface solutions
  • The option to utilize their Pestfree365 plan, which involves regularly scheduled inspections and pest services for 365 days of pest-free living

As you can see, Ehrlich Pest Control offers customers a unique experience when it comes to pest control treatment. This, paired with the fact that their services list is a mile long, makes them one of the best pest control companies in the area.


6. Dynamite Pest Control

Dynamite Pest Control provides services that kill anything that “hops, skips, jumps, or flies,” as well as same day animal control, pest control services, and termite certifications (that come with a lifetime termite guarantee).

Additionally, Dynamite Pest Control will:

  • Service homes, schools, restaurants, and commercial properties, meaning their experience with pest issues is versatile
  • Pay special attention to the customer service provided, report all pest complaints and solutions you require, and even guarantee all work
  • Make time to service your rental property at all hours so that it is convenient for you and your tenants

Focusing on excellent customer service, teamwork, and affordability for nearly 50 years, Dynamite Pest Control is a great option when you have a pest control issue.


7. Absolute Pest Control, Inc.

Controlling Pest Problems Philly

Absolute Pest Control, Inc. offers 24/7 wildlife control, bed bug treatment, termite treatment, and bat removal services throughout the region. In addition, they specialize in the treatment of general pest infestations using environmentally friendly treatment solutions, thus minimizing the use of pesticides inside your rental property.

Absolute Pest Control, Inc. prides itself in:

  • Having a long list of services designed to eliminate your pest problem and prevent future occurrences
  • Providing flexible scheduling to meet the needs of you or your rental property tenants
  • Having professional, courteous, and timely technicians to identify the issue and solve your pest problems.

With years of experience in the pest control industry, Absolute Pest Control, Inc. ensures your pest infestations are handled as quickly as possible with the most affordable, eco-friendly treatments available.


8. JML Pest Control

JML Pest Control prides itself in using kid, pet, and environmentally friendly products when dealing with your rodent, bed bug, and general pest control needs. State licensed and insured, this pest control company employs technicians trained & certified by the PA Dept. of Agriculture and insists on continuing education to keep up with the latest treatment methods and chemical use.

JML Pest Control aims to:

  • Implement I.P.M. (Integrated Pest Management) by encouraging customers to take a proactive approach to pest control
  • Maintain the quality of service that garnered them the 2012, 2013, and 2014 title of Award Winning Service Provider in Pest Control
  • Recommend the bare minimum services required to solve your pest problem so that you don’t break the bank on excessive pest control and management

At JML Pest Control, you can rest assured your rental property will receive a thorough inspection, proactive and future recommendations, and their exclusive, award winning treatments every time.


9. Prodigy Pest Solutions

Prodigy Pest Solutions is a family owned and operated pest control company serving the Philadelphia region, with over 35 years of combined experience. Offering quick and reliable solutions, especially when it comes to bed bug problems, Prodigy Pest Solutions was aptly named “Best Bed Bug Removal Service” by Philadelphia Magazine.

What’s more, the specialists at Prodigy Pest Solutions can:

  • Handle other pests such as termites, ants, and roaches
  • Offer eco-friendly, fast, and effective bed bug removal services using Heat Treatments to time the different bed bug life cycles and eliminate them all
  • Provide guaranteed licensed and insured pest control services that you will be satisfied with

With a desire to exceed your expectations, and live up to their name as the best bed bug removal service provider in the area, Prodigy Pest Solutions is a great choice when looking for pest control services.


10. Resolution Pest

How to Find the Best Pest Control Company in Philly

Resolution Pest is a local pest control management company that is family owned and operated, and has decades of experience under its belt. Priding themselves in having extensive pest control knowledge, exceptional customer service, and effective preventative treatments, Resolution Pest is dedicated to keeping your home or business pest-free.

Resolution Pest’s best features include:

  • Board-trained, state-certified exterminators that have passed rigorous background checks
  • The exclusive Property Shield program designed to protect the perimeter of your rental property with quarterly inspections
  • Exceptional customer service including online bill payment, refer-a-friend programs, and online quote requests

With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, Resolution Pest is determined to work until you are completely satisfied that your pest problem is solved.


In Closing

Finding the right pest control company to take care of your rental property’s needs does not have to be hard if you know where to look.

And as you can see above, there are some great pest control specialists in the Philly region that handle a wide variety of pest infestation needs. From bed bugs to rodents, termites to garden variety pests, there is a company in our top 10 list that fits your needs and your budget.