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Tips for Finding the Perfect Roommate

go get a roomieSo you found that new home you’ve been looking for, but realize you don’t have enough funds in your budget to pay that monthly rent each month. Or, maybe you can afford the monthly rent, but you’re just not a fan of living alone. You decide it’s time to start looking for a roommate, but aren’t too sure where to start. Well, we’re here to help!

Let’s be honest, there’s no such thing as the “perfect” roommate, because, well, perfect doesn’t really exist. However, there is a thing, such as finding a roommate whom you’re compatible with. Read on to find out what Bay Property Management Group’s tips are for finding a roommate that suits you.

Don’t Ask Your Friends.

While it may seem like a great idea to live with your bestie, you may want to reconsider that option. Living with someone, is more than just sharing a place with someone you like and get along with. Sure, getting along with your roommate is important. However, things such as budgets and income, schedules, and cleanliness habits should also be considered. Believe it or not, friendships can be ruined or damaged over a roommate situation. Save your friendship, and look for a compatible roommate elsewhere.

Let’s Talk Money.Let’s Talk Money.

This may seem like a personal subject, but it’s important for both you and your new roommate to be honest with each other when it comes to how much money you make, and what your monthly budget looks like. You need to know that you have found someone who is willing to, and can afford to make monthly rent payments. In addition to rent, you’ll want to discuss other utilities as well, such as gas and electric, internet, cable, trash fees, etc. Keep in mind, that once you move into a new home, almost 99% of the time, your new landlord considers you to be one unit. That means, if your roommate is late on their monthly payments, it also falls on you. Finding someone who is responsible with their money, is only going to help you in the long run.

Set the Expectations.

It’s important that both you and your new roommate know where the other stands when it comes to personal space, cleaning habits, schedules, having house guests over, how you’re splitting the rent and utilities, and the list goes on. Discussing everything upfront, before you move in, will allow both of you to know what to expect from the other person. It’s important that you feel comfortable in your new home, and are able to enjoy living there. It’s also important that your roommate feels that way too. Knowing what the other expects, and respecting their wishes, will only help make your new living space that much more enjoyable.

Cats or Dogs?Cats or Dogs?

If you have intentions of moving a furry, four legged friend in with you, this is a conversation that needs to be brought up immediately. You want to make sure your roommate likes and is OK with pets. Maybe they’re allergic to cats, or they’re not really a dog person. Maybe they want to bring their dog, who doesn’t get along with other animals. There’s many different circumstances, revolving around having a pet, you absolutely need to disclose that information right away.

Ask Questions

Finally, our last tip would be to ask any and all questions that you have! The only way to get to know someone is to ask questions about who they are, what they do, what they expect, what they’re plans are, etc. In order to make sure you have found a roommate who is compatible with you and your lifestyle, you must get to know that person. Don’t be afraid to ask whatever questions come to mind. Living with someone is a very personal experience, it’s OK to talk about some personal stuff. Just keep in mind, it’s important that you answer whatever questions your new potential roommate may have for you as well.

Living with a roommate may not be for everyone, and there’s always the option of renting a smaller place, just for you. Bay Property Management Group has everything from single family homes, townhomes, condos, and apartments. If you’re in the market for your new home, with or without a roommate, contact us today!