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Time Management Tips for a Property Manager

Time management is vital to all industries, but especially property management. As an Anne Arundel County property manager, you might be overwhelmed with tasks, deadlines, red tape, emergencies, or tenant communications. Read on as we discuss essential time management tips for property managers to make the most out of your workday.

Time Management tips for property managers

Time Management and Daily Life of a Property Manager

Keep in mind that a property manager’s job is never over, and not typically completed in a standard workday. Tasks of a property manager can be tedious, and you must be accessible after hours, on weekends, and even during holidays. Such a heavy workload of varied tasks can easily make your day overwhelming.

Starting off the day

  • Respond to any emails, voicemails, and texts
  • Obtain and execute proposals for maintenance, landscaping, property turnovers, etc.
  • Scheduled and review inspections
  • Follow up on work orders and support leasing staff as needed

Conquering Mid-day

  • Following up with vendors and meeting with any new vendors to discuss property needs
  • Perform inspections as needed
  • Go over leasing applications and screening reports to approve or deny candidates
  • Miscellaneous administrative tasks on the to-do list for the day

End of day Wrap-up

  • Generating any reports from the day’s activities, meetings, and inspections
  • Rechecking emails and calls and responding
  • Planning for the next day, week, etc.

It is easy to see how a day in the life of a property manager can is filled with various time-sensitive tasks. This is why time management is such a vital skill throughout the industry. It is also imperative to hire qualified help such as dedicated leasing staff or a marketing team to help ease the burden of responsibilities.

Time Management Tips for a Property Manager 

property management to do list

  1. Have a daily checklist written down and in order of priority. Outlook calendars with flags are a great tool to help keep you on track. Check off items as they get done and add items as needed. Getting into a daily routine can do a lot for time management.
  2. Delegate responsibilities and break down large projects. An administrator or assistant can be useful with time-consuming daily tasks like setting up tours or meetings, filing, and pre-screening phone calls. Strategically assign properties to leasing agents and approve leases once they have gone through the application process.
  3. Proactively connect and communicate with both staff and tenants. Communication is key to being organized and staying on top of time-consuming tasks.
  4. Utilize productive time blocking techniques. Time blocking encourages you to focus on only specific tasks for a period of time, which can make a significant impact on your workflow. During that time, it is best to set your notifications to busy and do not take any incoming calls. Always remember, the harder you focus on one task at a time, the better chance you have at accomplishing your goal.

Time management takes practice, but it is certainly needed to stay organized and on top of your demanding workflow. Need help with property management tasks? Reach out to a local property management company like Bay Property Management Group Anne Arundel County. We can assist with all of your Anne Arundel County property’s needs — big and small!