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Why BMG is the Right Group to Manage Your Single-Family Rental in Baltimore


Managing a Baltimore rental property is seldom easy. There are different trials and tribulations associated with multi-dwelling units, as opposed to single-family rental houses. Investors who rent single-family homes to tenants may be less “in the know” about the legal ramifications that can result from non-compliance of rental laws. Beyond that, there are a lot of things that need to be kept up with on single-family homes that a lot of people don’t realize until big invoices start to fall in their laps.

That’s why landlords trust Bay Property Management Group with their Baltimore rental properties.

BMG is the premier choice for property managers across the greater Baltimore region. We know the laws, and we know how to make tenants and landlords happy. Here are the top five reasons people choose our Baltimore property management company when they want positive results:

1. A Great Reputation

Bay Property Management Group holds an outstanding reputation for property management in Baltimore.

We currently manage about 1,500 units, just in the city of Baltimore alone. Our familiarity with the city, its neighborhoods’ personalities, and the amenities available in each location enable us to locate tenants whose needs align with the available properties of our landlord clients. Not only that, but we’re skilled in managing more single-family units than any other property management company in Baltimore.

2. Brokers’ Licenses

Bay Property Management Group holds a broker’s license, and we advise any homeowner to choose a property management company that maintains an active broker’s license in the state of Maryland.

We are your one-stop-shop when it comes to caring for your investment. This means our team will market your property, negotiate headaches with contractors, and ensure your property is in move-in condition when it’s time to find a new tenant.

In 45 out of 50 states, anyone who manages someone else’s property is required to have a brokers’ license. Maryland does not mandate this requirement, but at Bay Property Management Group, we believe it’s an essential component to the overall success of our business and our clients. As such, we ensure that we keep our broker’s license current, bringing with it the value that only trusted, reputable brokers can deliver to their clients.In order to have a broker’s license you are required to have met the following:

  • Passed a criminal background check
  • Maintain an excellent credit score(remember you are holding tons of tenant and owner money)
  • Pass a state examination
  • Have had your salespersons license for 3 years prior to taking the brokers exam
  • Complete 60 hours of pre licensing coursework with an approved education provider

With several years’ experience under our belts, we’re proud to say we understand our clients and tenants, and we know the importance of having a brokers’ license.

3. Accessibility Anytime, Anywhere

It only makes sense that you should be able to see what’s going on with your property when you want to check in on things. It’s an essential element that gives you the transparency and insight you need into your investment.

Bay Property Management Group provides our clients with a cloud-based software system that offers owners access to their accounts and statements each month. You can easily log into your portal to review your account any time.

4. Competitive Rates

Bay Property Management Group is proud to offer fees that are extremely competitive in our industry. We charge 8% of the monthly rent, one month’s rent to lease a vacant unit, and $299 if an existing tenant renews. We believe economies-of-scale have enabled our company to be competitive about pricing while still providing outstanding customer service.

5. Easy Access to Maintenance

BMG is very competitive with our maintenance costs. We have multiple contractors who are trustworthy, enabling us to stand by the quality of work they provide while solidifying competitive pricing for our clients.

When a roof needs to be replaced—or an HVAC system gets installed—you can rest assured that our BMG team and our network of reliable vendors have already negotiated the best prices possible for your situation. BMG works with multiple contractors who are standing by and ready to give competitive quotes each time the need arises. Due to the number of units we service, we’re able to achieve super competitive pricing from our contractors, which, in turn, we pass on to our clients.

Bay Property Management Group was formed in 2010. We’ve continued to grow year after year because our customers recognize our commitment to outstanding service and top-of-the-line property management. We wouldn’t be so highly acclaimed if our clients and their tenants didn’t believe in the work we’re doing, which makes everyone’s life a little easier.

BMG is here to help you market your rental home to the right tenants. Through our thorough screening process, we’ll find you a selection of candidates that’ll perfectly fit the clauses within your lease. Reach out to our Bay Property Management Group in Baltimore to learn more today!