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Summer HVAC Tips for Your Howard County Rental Property

Tips to Get Your Howard County Rental Property's HVAC Ready for Summer
HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Every rental property needs an HVAC system. The HVAC system will provide proper indoor temperatures and maintain good air quality. With that said, it is important for a landlord to understand how to maintain the HVAC system in their properties. Read on to learn HVAC tips to get your Howard County rental properties ready for Summer, potential estimated costs, and important facts to know as a landlord.


The cost of an HVAC system will vary depending on the home size as well as the chosen brand and grade of the system. Remember, cheaper isn’t always better and may cost more in the end. Considering an expensive unit may cost more in the beginning but last longer and cause fewer issues in the end. Read this guide for all the information regarding costs of different HVAC units.

Basic summary of HVAC Costs:

The average cost for an HVAC replacement or new HVAC is between $4,820 and $9,350.
  • The average cost to replace and HVAC with ductwork needed is between $6,820 – $12,300.

Other HVAC Related Costs Include:

  • Maintenance costs will be about $75-100 annually as a flat contract fee.
  • There will likely be an additional $150 fee annually to ensure contractors can maintain your system.
  • Filters cost between $15-60 depending on the quality and type. Change filters every few months, or every month for someone with severe allergies as they keep the air clean.
  • An extended warranty is highly recommended and although pricey, it may save you a lot of money in the end. The average cost for an extended warranty is about $1500.
  • Hourly cost of an HVAC tech for labor is $50-70/hr and the average maintenance visit will last between one and two hours.
Those are the standard yearly costs to maintain your property. However, as the system ages, more maintenance and costs will occur.. Some of these maintenance issues include; electrical connection issues, cleaning or replacing coils, or an HVAC replacement. Taking care of the HVAC system will make it last longer and save you costs in the end. Learn more about how to maintain these systems in your Howard County rental property below.

HVAC Maintenance Tips for Your Howard County Rental Property

As we mentioned, annual maintenance and fixing problems as soon as they arise is key. This allows you to get the longest lifespan possible of an HVAC (15 years on average). Follow the maintenance tips below for your rental properties HVAC systems.
  1. Change Filters Regularly: Changing filters is a simple task but is necessary to maintain a well-run HVAC. Generally, property managers like to purchase/replace these on their own. Trusting a tenant to do it every few months isn’t realistic in most cases.
  2. Have an Annual Maintenance Schedule: Always have an annual maintenance schedule with your HVAC vendor on your contract. Stick to this schedule to ensure the most well-maintained HVAC that will last the longest lifespan. Annual maintenance will get your property’s HVAC ready for Summer. 
  3. Check the Drains and Electric Connections: Every so often, check the electric connections and drains to be sure everything is working and clean. Hire a tech to fix any issues with either of these as they arise. Waiting will do more harm.
  4. Keep the Outside of the Unit Clean: Keeping the outside of the HVAC clean and free of debris is another easy, but important step to maintaining your rental properties HVAC system.
  5. Tenant Duties: Be clear with a tenant what their duties are when it comes to maintaining this system. Let the tenant know if there are any issues, they should always put in a maintenance request right away and never attempt DIY fixes.
  6. Check the HVAC on a Regular Basis: Don’t trust the HVAC is being taken care of, especially for a long-term tenant. Make scheduled visits to inspect the unit with the tenant including the HVAC system.

Facts About HVAC Systems to Keep in Mind

These are some facts to keep in mind when it comes to HVAC systems!
  • There are three different types of HVAC systems including centralized, packaged, and individual. Which system you go with depends on the needs in your unit, how big it is, and if it is a single unit or multi-unit property. Always consult with an HVAC company and do research before purchasing.
  • The only time to replace an HVAC system is if it is wasting energy, inefficient, or broken. If not, the maintenance tends to be less expensive and just as reliable.
  • Ensure that the HVAC of your choice is set-up to be as efficient as possible. A lot of tenants prioritize “green” properties as a top-selling point. Using the “Auto” mode on the HVAC may provide the best efficiency for the system.
  • Changing filters not only keeps the HVAC running well but keeps quality and clean air in the home. Those with bad allergies to dust or other common in-home allergies may need to change the filter bi-monthly if not monthly.
Do you need to get your Howard County rental property’s HVAC ready for Summer? Looking to learn more about maintaining a well-run property? Consider hiring a property management company like Bay Property Management Group Howard County to assist with property maintenance and more.