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Managing Pest Control for Your Montgomery County Property

How to Manage Pest Control for Your Montgomery County Property
Managing pest control is an important part of a landlord/property manager’s job. It is important to understand why managing pest control is important for your Montgomery County rental property. Read on to learn more about pest control and how to manage it!

Importance of Pest Control in Property Management

Pests of any sort whether big, small, one, or abundant may scare away a potential tenant or upset a current one. With that said, it is important to find a pest control vendor to have come out and service on a regular basis.
Pest control shouldn’t be called out only when there is a concern. Regularly scheduled visits from your pest control vendor to inspect the property are invaluable. They can perform any preventative measures and take action if needed. Doing so will stop any infestations from occurring (to some extent) and keep tenants happy.
The extent of a pest problem and how quickly it gets under control could lead to a tenant ending their lease early without penalty. This would cause you an unexpected vacancy. We urge the importance of regular pest control inspections and treatments. Learn tips below to manage this!

Tips for Managing Pest Control at your Montgomery County Rental Property

Follow the below tips for your best chance at managing pest control at your rental property!
  1. Regular Inspections: The pest control plan you make with your vendor should include regular inspections of the property. Regular visits will allow pest control specialists to find an infestation before it becomes a growing concern. They will treat areas of the property that may be prone to infestations both inside and out.
  2. Consistent Treatments and Prevention: As we mentioned above, pest control specialists may be able to detect issues before they occur. Regular treatments defend against possible future infestations.
  3. Seasonality: There is seasonality to pests, and it is important to note these. Make sure it is taken into account when scheduling the pest control visits.
  4. Education and Relationships: Build a good relationship with the vendor and its staff members. This will make them accessible and allow them to train your staff to notice signs of infestation.
  5. Take Action When Needed: If there is an unexpected infestation of any kind, be sure to call pest control and get it taken care of as soon as possible. Waiting may make the issue worse, harder to treat and cause you to spend more money fixing it in the end.

How to Manage Pest Control for Your Montgomery County Property


In conclusion, it is imperative for landlords and property managers to have close relationships with pest control vendors. Education, prevention, inspections, and taking quick actions are all key to managing pest issues at your property. Pest infestations can be hard to control based on seasonality but having a solid vendor will give you the best shot at being pest-free year-round.
Need a property management company to help maintain and manage your properties including pest control and other regular maintenance needs? Contact Bay Property Management Group Montgomery County and learn how we can help!