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Top 10 Blogs For Real Estate Investors

Top 10 Blogs for Real Estate Investment

The real estate investment industry is consistently changing. Whether you are looking for market updates, general investment advice, how-to instruction, or ways to improve your business, landlords across the country are turning to the top real estate blogs for answers. Blogs for landlords offer the most up to date information and industry tips to help propel your business towards success. That said, some blogs are better than others at providing readers with reliable and consistent content regarding investment in rental property. So, check out these top 10 industry blogs below and learn what every great real estate article has in common.

What Makes A Good Real Estate Investment Blog

Not every blog is created equal. That said, the best ones share some similar traits that make them worth your time. As a landlord searching for an investment in rental property tips, there is a wealth of information to choose from. Below we list the traits that will help you determine which blogs provide the most value.

  • Is Content Easy to Navigate?
  • Does it Provide High-Quality Content?
  • What is the Specific Niche?
  • Do They Regularly Publish and Update Content?


Is Content Easy to Navigate?

Nobody wants to aimlessly read through the information that does not pertain to their original question or search. Therefore, the most successful blogs value the reader’s time and get straight to the point. Content that is broken into easily understood topics helps landlords navigate and retain exactly the information they want. Additionally, avoid blogs that are covered in ads or constantly interrupt you with pop-ups.

Does it Provide High-Quality Content?

A great blog will answer all of the burning questions every real estate investor has. Therefore, these informative options rely on industry expertise to offer advice, tips, and guidance to the reader. Thus, allowing them to hone their research and apply helpful tactics to their own rental property business.

What is the Specific Niche?

The best real estate blogs that focus on investment in rental property rely on expert information. However, there are different types of real estate and, subsequently, different types of real estate investing. Thankfully, blogs out there focus on an owner’s specific needs, such as vacation rentals, commercial, multi-family, or residential. Successful blogs focus on one lane of real estate investing and serve as go-to experts on the subject.

Do They Regularly Publish and Update Content?

Investment in rental property is a topic that is constantly changing, especially now thanks to COVID-19. Thus, a blog that regularly releases new content offers investors far more value. That said, laws, requirements, and information changes over time, so updating content is just as important as publishing new. So, stick to blogs that post at minimum every week, and you will find some that post one per day or more.

Top 10 Blogs for Real Estate Investment

Top 10 Blogs for Real Estate Investors and Landlords

Successful landlords know that blogging has quickly become a reliable source for investment in rental property tips and industry know-how. Check out the list below as we direct you to our top 10 picks for blogs every landlord should know.

  1. The BiggerPockets Blog
  2. Landlordology
  3. Zillow Porchlight
  4. Trulia Blog
  5. Forbes Real Estate
  6. Redfin Real-Time
  7. RealWealth
  8. Mashvisor Blog
  9. Housing Wire
  10. Reddit


The BiggerPockets Blog

Posting-Frequency: 2 to 5 blogs per day

BiggerPockets finds its role as an educational resource for prospective investors. Therefore, they offer tips for investment in rental property as well as free resources and an outlet to network with others in the industry. Additionally, their contributing writers come with a wide range of real estate, marketing, and personal finance backgrounds. Their expert knowledge and industry tips are something any level of investor can benefit from.


Posting-Frequency: 1 per month

The Landlordology blog from Cozy covers a vast array of topics about landlord and rental management needs. For example, previous articles focus on tenant screening, rental maintenance, writing a great lease, handling deposits, and finding the best insurance. Landlorology.com also has a wealth of easily navigated step-by-step guides to common landlord practices and even compliance with local laws or regulations. So, the Landlordology blog is one that investors and real estate gurus have come to rely on for comprehensive answers to their questions.

Zillow Porchlight

Posting-Frequency: 4 per quarter

Over the past decade, Zillow has become one of the fastest-growing and recognizable real estate industry names. Thus, their blog, along with website tools and calculators, are a valuable resource for investors, buyers, property owners, or anyone curious about their local market. So, landlords’ value is in learning about the investment potential of neighborhoods, researching rental rates, or checking home values. Therefore, take advantage of the quality data they provide and use it to start, improve, or expand your rental property business.

Trulia Blog

Posting-Frequency: 1 to 2 per week

Similar to Zillow, Trulia allows landlords the opportunity to learn key information through the data the articles provide. It covers topics from property financing to how to spot a profitable investment in rental property. Also, Trulia boasts the added benefit of enhanced school and crime statistic information on property listing. The goal is that investors can make the most informed decision possible before making a purchase.

Forbes Real Estate

Posting-Frequency: 4 per day

Forbes is a reliable and leading source of news for many topics, one of which is real estate. Posting up to 4 articles per day from trusted industry experts, landlords can expect only the most up-to-date investment success strategies. Their blog focuses on market trends, how to navigate investment in rental property, as well as the best locations to invest, and why. Therefore, this is one blog not to be missed for anyone interested in real estate.

Redfin Real-Time

Posting-Frequency: 4 per week

Redfin is a company built on the premise of making real estate more favorable to consumers. Their blog Real-Time examines all things current if buying, selling, and owning property through several posts per week. So, for readers concerned about market conditions or looking for investing in rental property tips, check out this blog. Their analysis of local market conditions and streamlining the buying process is a valuable tool for investors.


Posting-Frequency: 1 per week along with additional digital content

RealWealth continues to provide experts and novices alike with a weekly dose of podcasts and blog articles centered around real estate. Additionally, they provide free educational content organized in an easy to follow and comprehensive directory. So, intending to help any investor grow their wealth through real estate investing, this blog has something for every landlord.

Mashvisor Blog

Posting-Frequency: 4 per day  

For anyone looking for investment in rental property advice, Mashvisor’s blog is an excellent place to start. Landlords scrolling through the content will find a mix of helpful tips, strategies, and investment tools to put into practice. Mashvisor is recognized industry-wide for their informative daily posts that provide advice on the current housing markets and where is the best place to invest. Additionally, they provide comprehensive directories that allow investors to seek out realtors or property statistics in their area.

Housing Wire

Posting-Frequency: 8 to 10 per day

Covering topics related to all aspects of the real estate and housing economy, Housing Wire is one blog to watch. They help readers discover emerging trends surrounding interest rates, regulation, and financing. Most importantly, Housing Wire’s easy to use website allows landlords to navigate directly to a parent topic that interests them. Ease of use combined with a hefty 8 to 10 posts a day means owners can always stay informed with the latest real estate news.

Reddit Homeowners & Investors

Posting-Frequency: Up to 30 per day

There is no denying the popularity of Reddit, and their Homeowners and Investors blog focuses on all things real estate. That said, this is a unique platform that discusses topics like the investment in rental property, property financing, and landlord obligations. However, Reddit creates a handy online forum for readers to post questions, receive answers, and view discussions for various rental investment needs. So, take advantage of seeing how other industry peers approach different scenarios; it might just help improve your business.

Bonus Must-see Blog for Landlords

Bay Property Management Group

Posting-Frequency: 4 to 5 per week

Bay Property Management Group is a leading property management firm serving Maryland, Southern Pennsylvania, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia. Calling on our staff and industry experts’ extensive experience, Bay Management discusses a plethora of topics that affect landlords and investors.

Whether you find yourself to be an “accidental landlord” or have a portfolio of a thousand properties, this blog has something for all. Learn helpful tips on hiring maintenance vendors, screening tenants, effective marketing, how to be a successful investor, and how to navigate the COVID-19 changes as a property owner.


Bay Property Management does more than help owners and investors through informative blog posts. Our team takes the guesswork out of rental management by coordinating every aspect of the process from marketing to maintenance. We stay abreast of all the changing regulations and ensure owners remain in compliance while keeping them well informed. Just think of all the time you could save if someone else handled the day to day tasks involved in managing your rental business. Whether you use that time to kick back and relax or chase the next big deal is entirely up to you, but either way, leave the stressful stuff to us! Give us a call today to learn more about the benefits of third-party real estate investment management.