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How to Write the Perfect New Tenant Welcome Letter in Cumberland Co

Every landlord should provide every resident with a new tenant welcome letter. The point of a welcome message is to welcome a new tenant, of course, but also prepare them for their move-in and policies at your property. Learn some tips below and also check out a sample welcome letter to provide you, new tenants!
How to Write the Perfect New Tenant Welcome Letter in Cumberland Co

Tips for Writing a Welcome Letter

  1. Give the welcome package as soon as they sign the lease, and before handing over keys: The point of the welcome package is to give tenants all the information they need before move-in. With that said, the best time to provide them with the welcome letter is at the lease signing. If that isn’t possible, they should receive the move-in letter at least 1-2 weeks before move-in.
  2. Be clear and professional: Use grammar and spell-check services like Grammarly or ask for an extra set of eyes. Once you have a template, it’s much easier going forward. Just remember, it is imperative to have a clear, professional, and concise yet informative letter.
  3. Always send via email and in printed form: Many people prefer digital copies these days. Yet, with a welcome letter, we suggest submitting it both digitally and providing a copy in-person to ensure the tenant receives it.

 What Should You Include in a Welcome Letter?

  • Move-in inspection checklist: A move-in checklist will have all items listed for the tenant to check and note if there is previous damage. Generally, an inspection is performed with the property manager. Giving them the checklist ahead of time will help them prepare for the walkthrough.
  • Policies for renters insurance, pets, etc.: Include information about obtaining renters insurance. Also, what to do if they get a pet while renting from you plus any other imperative policies in the lease you feel you should reiterate.
  • How to set up utilities: A majority of tenants will want to set up utilities ahead of time. With that said, it’s essential to give them all the information, including contact information for who to reach out to set up water, electricity, internet, and cable. Also, be clear if these items are paid monthly with the rent or charges separately.
  • How to pay rent: Include instructions on how to pay rent online or via check if that’s the tenant’s preference.
  • Move-in process: Always outline the move-in process, including when and where to pick up keys, the time and procedure for the inspection, and any loading dock information if applicable.

Include Property Specific Information

  • Trash policies: What are the trash policies? Is recycling taken? Where to dispose of trash? When are pick up days? Include answers to all these questions.
  • Parking information: Where is parking? Is there a fee? Where should the tenant pick up a parking permit, garage door opener, or any other pertinent items? This information should also be included.
  • Reporting maintenance issues: Specify how they can notify maintenance issues via phone or email as well as an online portal if applicable.
  • Contact info: End the letter with contact information for the property manager, maintenance team, concierge if applicable, and any other important names/numbers/emails.
The sample letter found here is provided by Theresa Bradley. The sample letter is an excellent place to start, add any applicable information that may be important for your properties to it where you see fit. A Cumberland County property manager can also help you write the perfect welcome tenant for your Carlisle area rental property and tenants. Contact the experienced team at Bay Property Management Group Cumberland County for additional tips and help with your Carlisle rental property.