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Easy Fall Landscaping Tips and Preventive Measures for Rental Properties

Easy Fall Landscaping Tips and Preventive Measures for Rental Properties


For rental properties, Fall landscaping goes beyond the standard raking of leaves. As Winter approaches, this is the perfect time to do some simple preventative landscaping maintenance and check in on your property’s overall health. So, check out these must-do Fall landscaping tips below to keep your rental property safe and beautiful all season long!

Fall Landscaping Tips to Maintain Your Rental Property Landscaping

Fall is the best time to prepare for a vibrant and healthy Spring. By taking time to remove dead leaves, branches, and decaying plant growth, you improve your outdoor spaces’ overall health. Follow the Fall landscaping tips below to make sure your property is in tip-top shape heading into colder weather.

  1. Lawn Check-Up
  2. Seasonal Pruning
  3. Clean Gutters
  4. Plant New Shrubs
  5. Trim Perennials
  6. Drain Outdoor Systems
  7. Gather Up Leaves
  8. Protect Newer Plants with Mulch
  9. Boost Color

Lawn Check-Up

How did the lawn look over the Summer? If the answer is not great, your soil or grass may not be at its healthiest. A lush green lawn adds to curb appeal and helps attract potential renters, but the care of that lawn is a year-round process. Depending on where your property is located, Fall is an ideal time to seed and adjust soil composition if there are issues. Preparing this time of year will set your property up for a lush green lawn in the springtime. If your lawn has large bare patches, splotchy growth, or if you are unsure what is the best place to start, consider consulting a professional.

Seasonal Pruning

Seasonal Pruning

If your rental property has any bushes or trees, chances are they could use a trim. Winter snow and ice can wreak havoc on trees and shrubs, causing them to break or loose limbs. To protect the look of your landscaping and to protect your roof from falling branches, inspect and cut back any dead limbs.

Clean Gutters

As leaves begin to fall, it does not take long for gutters to become a problem. Filled with leaves and debris, gutters can overflow and cause water damage to the roof or siding of your rental property. Proper drainage is key to preventing water damage, so take the time to clear gutters seasonally as needed. While performing this task, take advantage of the opportunity to inspect your roof for any potential issues.

Clean Gutters

Plant New Shrubs

Depending on what area of the country your property is located in, Fall can provide an ideal time to plant new shrubbery. Many hearty shrubs benefit from a head start at planting their roots before the Spring. Be sure to aerate the soil well and water new plants thoroughly for the best result.

Trim Perennials

Spruce up your flower beds by removing annuals on the decline and pruning perennials to just above the ground. Doing so helps the plants survive the harsh colder weather allowing it to concentrate energy on the roots. Therefore, allowing them to come back strong in the Spring!

Drain Outdoor Systems

Nothing strikes fear into an owner quite like the phrase “frozen pipes.” Whether you have a full-scale irrigation system or a standard outdoor hose bib, it is now time to prep before temperatures reach below freezing. Since even a small amount of standing water can freeze and cause damage, carefully drain the lines and ensure they are turned off for the season.

Gather Up Leaves

Leaf matter build up can hinder grass but is useful in other areas around your yard. Rake up any leaves that fall and collect any branches or debris from your yard to keep it healthy and looking its best.

Protect Newer Plants with Mulch

New plants benefit from a little added protection from the colder weather. So, after the first frost but before the ground freezes, cover plants with several inches of mulch, straw, or chopped up leaf material to keep more vulnerable plants warm.

Boost Color

Boost Color

Fall does not have to mean dreary, and year-round curb appeal is especially important for rental properties. Consider adding some pops of color to the landscaping beds with some hearty Autumn flowers such as mums. These come in a variety of colors, are cost-effective, and easy to care for.


Bonus Outdoor Care Tips for Rental Properties

In addition to sprucing up your landscaping, Fall is a great time to address some other preventative outdoor tasks. Take a look at these bonus suggestions below to get your outside all sealed up before cold weather takes hold.

  • Inspect Windows & Doors – Inefficient windows or leaky doors can add tons of added energy costs in colder months. Fall is a great time to check for any exterior leaks, cracked or damaged seals, and any areas that could use caulking to seal out cold air.
  • Clean Chimneys – If your rental property has a fireplace, yearly cleaning is essential. Seek out a professional to clean and prepare the chimney and fireplace for seasonal use. A yearly inspection of the chimney will bring to light any safety concerns before use, potentially avoiding a costly disaster.
  • Keep Critters Out – Animals and rodents want to keep warm too. To seek refuge from the cold, rodents may find their way into your home or basement through even the smallest of openings. Therefore, take time to animal-proof the exterior by sealing cracks and crevasses or using metal screening over any potential entry points.
  • Secure a Snow Service – Depending on your lease agreement, tenants may or may not be responsible for snow removal. If they are not, Fall is when you should be planning for the impending winter months. The last thing you want to be doing as a landlord is trying to find snow removal once it is already in high demand. So, secure your contract early, which often offers the best price and ensures they are there when you need them.


Final Thoughts

Caring for a rental property inside and out is a year-round undertaking. These Fall landscaping tips will help enhance curb appeal and set yourself up for success in the Spring. At Bay Property Management Group, we understand just how much work it can be getting your investment property ready for seasonal changes. Preventative action and maintenance are vital to staving off larger and more costly problems in the future. Are you a landlord looking for help managing your property’s maintenance? In need of ideas to maximize your return on investment? Our dedicated staff can walk you through all of the many benefits of professional property management services in Bucks County and throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Washington DC for a stress-free ownership experience. Give us a call or visit our website today!