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Gaithersburg is experiencing a population boom, partially due to recent infrastructure improvements, many of which involve reducing traffic congestion by adding or expanding highways.

This population increase means an increased need for housing. If you want to own property in an upscale neighborhood, Gaithersburg is right for you!

The Benefits of Owning an Investment Property

There are a number of benefits to owning an investment property in Gaithersburg:

  1. PRIME LOCATION.Gaithersburg is projected to see continued population growth given its easy access to neighboring cities. Property values, already on the rise in Maryland, are expected to continue climbing after completion of a new highway, the Inter-County Connector.
  2. TAX BENEFITS. There are numerous tax deductions available for property owners. Professional services, contractors, and most materials relating to running, fixing, or surveying properties can be written off.
  3. BUILD EQUITY. Your tenants will be paying down your mortgage while building equity for your portfolio.

Contact Bay Property Management Group Montgomery County to learn more about the wide range of possibilities in this wonderful city!

Property Management Company in Gaithersburg

Why Choose Professional Property Management in Gaithersburg

Owning rental property comes with some surprising pitfalls. Tenants can damage houses. Sometimes they don’t pay. And they know lone landlords have a more difficult time collecting rent or handing out eviction notices.

A skilled property management company in Montgomery County provides leasing services that remove these complications. With a superior advertising budget, more manpower, and a larger web presence, they are also able to find clients faster.

A company with experience can better screen tenants for shaky payment histories, follow up on references, and notice the warning signs of unreliable renters.

Management companies give regular reports to keep owners in the loop.

Financial reports and “change” reports (when a tenant moves in or out, maintenance, etc.) are effective at developing a trusting relationship between the property owner and the management company.

Property management companies also handle issues involving being taken to court, rent collection, and eviction.

Why Choose Bay Property Management Group?

Bay Property Management Group uses an aggressive approach for finding the right tenants for your property through a variety of marketing resources, including:

  • Online classified ads
  • Local websites, such as Craigslist
  • Locators
  • Property sites
  • Offline marketing

They will also research potential tenants’ incomes, background, and credit for liability.

Additionally, they handle registering income properties as rentals with the proper government agency, conducting routine inspections for violations, and working on legal proceedings when tenants fail to pay.

Bay Property Management also has some of the lowest monthly fees of any property management company in Maryland.

As an established company, Bay Property Management Group Montgomery County has a large number of contractors and repairmen ready to respond to any call, any time of day. They take pride in the prompt responses to both tenants and property owners.